Elsa’s Christmas Diary | Paws and Rewind – December 2017

Elsa’s Christmas Diary | Paws and Rewind – December 2017

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year...

We LOVE Christmas; from shopping to festive events, 'tis the season to be jolly and there is absolutely no reason to leave your dog at home! Follow Elsa as we countdown to Christmas 2017! 

All I Want For Christmas

10th November | Hounds Christmas Launch

Hounds always have a great range of Christmas goodies to buy, and we love their events, so we headed down to their Christmas launch night to see what they had in stock.

Despite vowing not to buy any more Christmas toys for Elsa, we couldn't resist the cute little House of Paws Reindeer multi-squeaker. Elsa will have lots of fun playing with that on Christmas Day!

We also picked up some Christmas treats for her, along with some gifts for her doggie friends.

25th November | Gus & Bear Christmas Launch

The Christmas launch at Gus & Bear also coincided with the opening of their grooming spa.

I'm so glad that we went to this event because we also got to meet some of our favourite dogs from Instagram: Esme & Greta (Instagram @lisas_hart) and Toby (adventuresoftobyblog.wordpress.com)

There was a representative from Edgard Cooper in the shop too, with lots of free samples for the dogs to try. Elsa helped herself to some of the dry food and seemed to enjoy it!

Of course we did some shopping while we were there too...

Click here to read more about 'Our Favourite Christmas Gifts for Dogs - 2017'

Santa Baby

3rd December | K9 Anytime Christmas Fair

K9 Anytime transformed into a magical Christmas market for the day with shopping stalls, live music and hot food. There was a wonderful festive atmosphere and lots of dogs arrived dressed in their Christmas jumpers. 

We were absolutely delighted to bump into Charlie and Maisie at the fair (remember the Lhasa's that got married at the Canine Capers event at The Dorothy Clive Garden back in July? Click here to read more about their special day). It was lovely to see these gorgeous pups again...

Elsa says hello to Charlie & Maisie

Charlie and Elsa had us in stitches because they both hated walking on the straw that had been put down for the event (to protect the astro-turf underneath), but they protested so politely by holding their paws in the air together!

We arrived towards the end of the day so many of the stalls had started packing up but it was fantastic to see so many people there with their dogs, even late on in the day! 

One of our favourite dogs was little Alice from the Leather Shed, who was modelling one of their handmade leather collars with a matching lead - how gorgeous is she!?

Before we headed home we took Elsa to see 'Santa Paws' in his Grotto...

Hmm...that guy looks familiar!

We absolutely love this photograph of Elsa with Santa Paws (below) that was taken by Amy Lynock from Dainty Photography.

K9 Anytime are passionate about supporting local artists, businesses and charities and they plan on hosting similar events throughout 2018, many of which will be open to the public. We'd highly recommend paying them a visit to learn more about this wonderful Doggy Daycare & Luxury Hotel for dogs! Read more about K9 Anytime by clicking here. 

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

9th- 10th December | The Snow Has Arrived!

Storm Caroline arrived in the UK and brought us LOTS of snow! It's so beautifully white, soft and fluffy. Elsa absolutely loves it too... she's been rolling and running around in it all weekend. We've had to coax her back inside and then she cries at the door because she wants to go back out again! 

Elsa has been wearing her pink Equafleece in the snow and it's by far one of the best things we've ever bought for her because the special Polartec material keeps her warm and dry. As you can see from the pictures, she gets massive snowballs attached to her feet when she walks in the snow - if she wasn't wearing the Equafleece, she would have these all up her legs, on her chest and stuck to her belly too. It's quite easy to get them off her feet when we get home and we've been putting protective paw wax on her pads before we take her out. 

Sleigh Ride

Concept for Hair always have incredible seasonal decorations in their front garden, so we asked if we could visit them with Elsa to take some Christmas-themed photographs and they said yes! 

The snow wasn't too bad when we arrived so we were able to get a few good pictures but had to abandon the shoot when the snow started to get heavier...partly because we were worried about getting back home safely, and also because Elsa was mesmerised by the huge snowflakes and it was getting harder and harder to get her to look at the camera!

We had so much fun in this little winter wonderland and are so grateful to the lovely ladies at Concept for Hair - thank you so much!! 

Baby It's Cold Outside

11th December | Christmas photoshoot at Pets Takeaway with Staffordshire Phodography

We almost didn't make it to this event because of the weather, but the roads were clear so we braved the elements - driving very carefully of course. This was Elsa's second photoshoot with Staffordshire Phodography this year, and once again we are very pleased with the results! Pets Takeaway is a fantastic pet shop, filled with LOTS of goodies. (It's where we got Elsa's 'Santa, I can explain...' jumper.) We'll pay them another visit and add a detailed post to the blog soon.  

16th December | Fetch Sketch at Hounds

We already have a few pictures of Elsa that Charley from Fetch Sketch has drawn for us in the past, but this event had a festive theme so we couldn't resist adding one more to our collection. She is an extremely talented lady! We absolutely love this impression of Elsa, from the cheeky grin to her eyes full of wonder and her cute little button nose - it captures her personality perfectly. 

You can pick one of these caricatures up from Fetch Sketch for the bargain price of just £5 at an event like this! She also takes orders for more detailed pet portraits via her website www.fetchsketch.co.uk 


Do They Know It's Christmas?

Instead of giving Christmas gifts to Elsa's furry friends, we decided to make a donation to Dogs on the Streets.

This charity does so much for both the dogs and their owners in London's homeless community and we are very proud to support them, particularly at this difficult time of year when they can be especially physically and emotionally vulnerable.  

Visit www.dotslondon.co.uk to find out more about this amazing charity, meet the dogs and please consider making a donation if you are able to! 

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Day 2017

Elsa decided to wake us up at 3.30am this morning! So, after trying to figure out if she needed the loo (nope), a drink (nope) or if she was hungry (bingo!) we gave her a handful of food and then she went back to sleep for a few hours, much to our relief! 

When we woke up again (at a more reasonable time) we took Elsa for a quick walk and then it was time to open the presents! 

Elsa absolutely loves ripping the wrapping paper off things... it's great fun watching her on Christmas morning. She's also fascinated by the tree, but every time she goes near it she ends up covered in pine needles! 

The build-up to Christmas this year has been so much fun, but also very hectic! 

We're spending the rest of the day relaxing at home with family, good food and a bit of fizz... it is Christmas after all! 

Elsa won't be left out - we have some special Christmas treats for her too, and we'll spend lots of quality time snuggling on the sofa with her...

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas for 2017! 

With love from

Kelly & Elsa

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