Paws and Rewind – Highlights of 2017

The picture below represents an entire year of our life with Elsa: all of the places that we've been, people (and dogs) that we've met, things that we've bought, places that we have stayed and all of the fun events that we've taken part in...

2017 was an AMAZING year for Paws across's actually hard to believe how much we've done or where we found the time to do it! 

It's been a year filled with new experiences, adventures and discoveries. We've met lots of people with so many gorgeous dogs and made some wonderful new friends.

Looking back, there are a few highlights that immediately spring to mind including: having the opportunity to take Elsa to Crufts with us where we met Clare Balding and Doug the Pug Therapy Dog, meeting Chris Packham at DogFest North, Elsa's Birthday Party at Middleport Pottery, cutting the ribbon at the re-opening of Hounds (our favourite dog shop) and being featured as a 'Top Pet Blogger' by Holiday Lettings! Other highlights from this year include: Elsa's photo shoot with Staffordshire Phodography, the dog wedding at The Dorothy Clive Garden and learning how to groom Elsa at Four Paws Groom School

We've travelled across Britain to Wales, the North East, North West, the Midlands and the Lake District, adding lots of new dog friendly destinations to the blog along the way. There are a few places that we particularly enjoyed visiting including Salami & Co, a coffee shop that caters to both human and canine customers, where we had the best grilled cheese sandwich ever while Elsa enjoyed a 'puppucino'. Another memorable place was The Swettenham Arms in Cheshire where we spent a magical afternoon in their lavender plantation, taking photographs of Elsa and Piglet, before being joined by several other dogs... The sun was shining and Elsa was in her element running around and playing - we couldn't have planned a better afternoon! We've also been to quite a few beautiful beaches this year including Roker, Formby and Pendine Sands. It's hard to find a more tranquil place to take Elsa than the beach...I'll never get tired of running around in the surf with her and seeing the pure joy in her eyes when she feels the sand underneath her little toebeans. 

The Pack

Although we love to travel, we realised that one set of paws can only go so earlier this year we started a new feature called 'The Pack'! It's a collection of dogs and their favourite places. Some of The Pack members travel as far as Europe and they have very kindly shared their experiences too, including details of travelling via The Eurotunnel with a dog! Any dog can join The Pack - just click here for more information! 

Behind the Scenes

We've spent a lot of time transforming Paws across Britain into a more accessible and user-friendly website this year. The biggest change has been a migration from Blogger to WordPress, including a brand new theme (thanks to pipdig who did all the hard work)! This has significantly improved the mobile version of the site too.

We've also integrated an interactive map so that you can see where all of the dog friendly destinations are actually located, with links to the posts. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and inspired Paws across Britain in 2017! 


Elsa and I already have some very exciting plans for 2018 including a trip to Cornwall and a holiday in Scotland

We'll be back at Crufts in March and hope to attend a few other dog shows and events over the summer. We've found some excellent dog products that we'll review and share, along with more book reviews soon. We have plans to publish a few useful articles including some travel tips and details about how to find dog friendly destinations.

We're also hoping to get involved with a few more dog-related charities and rescue centres this year. 

In the meantime, we're always on the lookout for new dog friendly places to visit with Elsa so please post any recommendations in the comments section below! 

Happy New Year from Kelly & Elsa!

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