Paws and Rewind – January 2018

Paws and Rewind is a look back at the places, products, activities and events that we have been enjoying with Elsa over the past month.

We finally bid farewell to what felt like the longest January ever!! 

New Year | We started 2018 with a lovely walk around Mow CopThe picture below was taken minutes before the heavens opened and we almost got absolutely drenched, but we made it back to the car in the nick of time! 

We were all set to get back into our usual routine, with hopes for long winter walks in the crisp January air, but fate (and Elsa) had other plans!

Only a few days into January, Elsa managed to somehow rip her dewclaw off! At first it looked like it was split in a very awkward way, but by the time we got her to the vet it had come off completely...

Luckily, it seemed to be quite a clean tear so we were able to salvage what was left of the nail by keeping it clean and dry. Elsa was given a 'cone of shame' to stop her licking it, which she duly sulked about. Unfortunately this meant that we also had to limit our walks to paved areas, so we put any countryside walks on hold - particularly because it was so damp and muddy! Elsa's dewclaw has grown back now - it's a perfect, tiny little version of what it used to be. 

Since we had to spend a couple of weeks indoors/ on pavement walks we decided to make the most of it with several trips to our favourite hangouts: The Cakery and Trentham Gardens! We even met up with PaB Pack member Piglet who stole the show with his gorgeousness as always! 

This also gave me some time to update the posts about RAWR and Milly & Roses, who both re-located from Newcastle-under-Lyme to the new retail cabins that have opened in the Trentham Shopping Village. 

We've been very busy preparing for the Dogs Unite for Guide Dogs 'Walking the Dog Day' on the 22nd February.

This is a free event that you can take part in anywhere, at a time to suit you on the day. The challenge is to raise £35 in sponsorship - this is enough to support a Guide Dog partnership for a week. Along with raising awareness for this event, we decided to set up our own JustGiving fundraising page and will be taking part in the event with Elsa in a few weeks. We are so grateful to everyone who has shown their support, with donations already exceeding £200!! 

Click here to read the full blog post and find out how you can get involved too! 

The Pack - January 2018

We would like to welcome all of our new pack members: Adam & Theo, Bella, Miss Darcy, Samson and Bailey. (Click on the pictures to view their full profiles.)

They join a growing network of dogs who love to share their experiences of dog friendly Britain, from pubs to beaches, shops to parks and everywhere in between!

This Time Last Year - January 2017

This month also marks one year since our first 'Paws and Rewind' feature was published, so here is a link back to this time last year!

Next MonthWe're going to be doing A LOT of walking in February... 

11th February | Paws for Remembrance at the National Memorial Arboretum | This is a unique opportunity to visit a site that is not usually dog friendly! For one day only, you can walk around the Arboretum with your dog and visit the 'Happy Hounds High Street'. We will be there with Elsa so why not join us for a walk?

22nd February | Dogs Unite for Guide Dogs 'Walking the Dog Day' | Will you be walking a dog on Thursday, 22nd February? If the answer is 'yes' then you have the power to change someone's life! Click here for more information about how to get involved.

We'll also be celebrating Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year (the year of the dog!), so keep an eye on our Instagram feed for photos of Elsa.

Keep your eyes peeled for some new blog posts too, we have lots of products, books and useful articles to share with you - coming soon!

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