Favourite Product | Equafleece

Favourite Product | Equafleece

Elsa’s fur acts like a sponge in the rain and she is a magnet for dirt, so keeping her clean and dry in the British climate is an ongoing challenge!

Elsa on a dry but muddy day

We’ve tried various rain coats over the years, but it’s been a struggle to find something that keeps her suitably dry without also causing her to overheat or her fur to mat. Most full-body suits are made from non-breathable fabric, designed with elasticated edges around the cuffs and these caused the most horrendous mats to form when they rubbed against the damp fur on her legs - it was actually easier to wash and dry her off when we got home from a wet, muddy walk than try and remove the mats caused by the coat!

The best solution that I could come up with was to modify our favourite coat to include a detachable belly flap to try and keep her tummy dry, but her fluffy legs always got wet and muddy...

Elsa on a rainy day before the Equafleece

I had noticed a few dogs wearing fleece type jumpers, but always dismissed the idea of getting one for Elsa because they looked quite tight (so we worried that they might cause her fur to mat) and I couldn’t figure out how they could possibly keep a dog dry in the rain - surely all these dogs were a damp, dishevelled mess underneath the jumper when they got home?! Turns out I was wrong…

After doing a bit of research online I ended up on Equafleece’s website. Although intrigued by their products, I was still sceptical about the idea of a fabric coat being ‘100% rainproof’, so I took to social media to ask for some first-hand advice from other dog owners. To my surprise, all the feedback was incredibly positive - apparently the Equafleece really ‘did what it says on the tin’!

Following a particularly bad patch of wet weather, I decided that it was time to put the Equafleece to the test.

They have several different styles from tankies to jumpers with sleeves and full body suits, but we settled on the ‘Dog Suit’ style for Elsa, with the hope that this would be the best solution to keeping her legs dry on a rainy day.

My next worry was ordering the right size for Elsa… she is quite long, and has a broad body and short legs. Fortunately, Equafleece have a very handy measuring guide on their website, and they make the items in a very wide range of sizes to fit any breed of dog.

After measuring Elsa according to the instructions and inputting the data we were advised to buy the ‘18/20” Pug’ size.

When it arrived I was thrilled to find that it fit Elsa perfectly! Equafleece have video tutorials on their website to show you how to put a jumper/ suit on your dog, and these came in handy when we were trying to figure out how to put Elsa’s suit on her without bending her little legs in all sorts of awkward directions. (Once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy).

The Equafleece fits snugly but is not restrictive in any way; it took Elsa no time to get used to wearing it. [We also bought a new harness at the same time to fit on top of the Equafleece (slightly bigger than normal to allow for the extra bulk).] We were ready to go and didn’t have to wait long for a rainy day...

The bright pink ‘soft fuscia’ coloured dog suit did attract a lot of attention the first time she wore it instead of her usual coat… but despite the teasing remarks, we were determined to see if it actually kept her dry underneath, although we were still concerned about the potential of her fur matting…

Turns out we had absolutely nothing to worry about! When we got home and took the suit off Elsa was completely dry underneath! After a quick shake her fur was as bouncy as ever. Because no single part of the dog suit is tight, nothing ‘rubs’ on her fur so there were no mats to be found anywhere either - much to our relief! The Equafleece was wet and a muddy underneath, but Elsa’s tummy and legs were still fluffy and clean - we were delighted!

Since that day, Elsa has only ever worn her Equafleece to go out in the rain, or snow! It’s become an essential accessory, and I honestly don’t know how we used to cope before we had her suit! We’ve even been able to let her fur grow a little longer over winter thanks to the Equafleece suit keeping her legs so dry and clean in even the worst weather conditions.  

After a walk, we simply dry the Equafleece off with a towel or, if it’s particularly muddy, pop it in the washing machine on a ‘refresh’ cycle. It’s designed to be easy to clean and it’s holding up well, with no signs of any wear or tear despite being worn and washed frequently.  

How does it work?

This is no ordinary fabric! Equafleece is made from specially designed Polartec® polyester fleece. The thin layer of fabric sits close to your dog's body and creates a barrier that wicks moisure away from the inside of the fabric to the outside, which means that even if your dog gets wet before you put the Equafleece on, it will actually help to dry them off!

Click here to read more about this amazing fabric.

I can’t imagine going back to life before we discovered Equafleece.

It’s taken the stress out of walking Elsa in bad weather and saved us a lot of time when it comes to cleaning her off after muddy walks.

My only regret is that we didn’t buy one sooner!


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