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Dorwest Tree Barks Powder is something that we always have in the cupboard and we also make sure to take some with us whenever we travel with Elsa...

The reason that we keep this powder close at hand is because Elsa occasionally suffers from digestive problems. If she doesn't eat enough she will bring up a little bit of bile, and if she eats something unusual that upsets her tummy the result can be very...messy.

Following a particularity bad spell of diarrhoea, I started looking for a natural supplement that would help to ease these symptoms and also manage her general digestive health. I was already aware of the Dorwest brand having seen it sold in a few pet shops, and they have an excellent website that allows you to 'shop by condition' so I searched for something suitable in the 'digestive' section.

After narrowing down to a few products, I wanted to be certain that I was buying the best options to manage her particular issues so I decided to contact one of their Product Advisors. They were extremely helpful and advised that Tree Barks Powder would be the best option to help with diarrhoea.

They also suggested that Elsa might benefit from their Kelp Seaweed Tablets because I was trying to cut down her food portions in order to manage her weight, while still trying to feed her enough to keep her from bringing up any bile. Based on Dorwest's advice, and all the positive customer recommendations on their website, I decided to give both products a try.

When I received the items they also came with helpful leaflets that give more information about the benefits of each supplement, and a full catalogue with details about the history of Dorwest as a company and their extensive range of products. Elsa was a little unsure about the Tree Barks Powder at first, it does have a distinct smell (although not unpleasant), and I think it took her a little while to develop a taste for it.

The instructions suggested mixing the powder with a little yoghurt so we did that and Elsa licked the bowl clean! We just sprinkle it on her food now and she will eat it without any fuss. Most importantly, this supplement has immediate results when you need them the most! If Elsa has an upset tummy and we give her a little of this powder, it 'firms' everything up nicely!

We've been giving Elsa Dorwest Tree Barks Powder for over a year now and it's been life-changing, particularly when we are travelling and the last thing that we need is to clean her up if she's got an upset tummy (one of the downsides of having a dog with long fur!) We just give it to her as and when needed so even a small tub can go quite far, making it excellent value for money too. Most dogs (and cats) will undoubtedly suffer from digestive/ intestinal issues from time to time and I'd highly recommend trying Tree Barks Powder - it's never failed us! 

Click here to read more about how Tree Barks Powder works on Dorwest's blog page.

Other Dorwest Products That We Use

Kelp Seaweed

I haven't really given her the Kelp Seaweed Tablets regularly enough to see any results from them yet. Although I can get her to swallow the tablets, it's not as easy as giving her the Tree Barks Powder. Dorwest also sell a Kelp Seaweed Powder so I might give this a try…

Scullcap & Valerian

I bought some Scullcap & Valerian Tablets after Elsa showed signs of stress/ anxiousness when we travelled in a rental car. I think it was due to the car being quite low to the ground and very loud which just seemed to unsettle her. These do seem to calm her, but they have to be given in advance of any stressful situations which can be hard to predict because Elsa is generally quite easy going! Dorwest also sell a liquid Valerian Compound which starts to work much quicker.


Another favourite product of ours is the Dorwest Roast Dinner Toothpaste. It has a gritty texture which helps to keep plaque build up to a minimum. Elsa has started to really enjoy having her teeth brushed since we started using this product!



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