Paws and Rewind – March 2018

Paws and Rewind is a look back at the places, products, activities and events that we have been enjoying with Elsa over the past month.

March madness - From shuffling through a foot of snow in Staffordshire to rolling around on the sandy beaches of Cornwall, Elsa has had lots of fun this month and we have some exciting news to share with you too...

At the beginning of March we shared a review of one of our favourite products - Dorwest Tree Barks Powder. We always have a tub of this natural supplement in our cupboard because it works wonders for upset tummies. I'm forever recommending it to friends and family so I thought it was about time to put a post together!

Crufts 2018

Undoubtedly our favourite event of the year!...We spent the best part of the day shopping, but did manage to squeeze in lots of cuddles with the gorgeous pooches, big and small! Click here to read the Paws across Britain guide to Shopping at Crufts

We were also very excited to bump into one of our original Pack Members at Crufts - Fergus the Sprollie! He had come all the way down from Scotland to compete in the Flyball and was full of bounce and energy. 

Weird Weather

The weather has been absolutely crazy this month...we've seen spring trying it's best to cheer things up, then the next minute it was back to winter with almost a foot of snow (again!) 

Paws on Holiday! 

If you've been following our Instagram feed then you will have noticed that we've recently been exploring Cornwall with Elsa. Fortunately the sun did make it back out again and luckily we had a very mild week while we were there, as you can see from the beautiful colours in the photograph of Kynance cove above. This was our first visit to this part of the country so it took us a couple of days to find our bearings, but by the end of the week we had sniffed out several exciting dog friendly establishments and Elsa had left her pawprints on as many beaches as possible!! We'll be sharing more details of our Cornish adventure with you very soon...

Geocaching and 'Pit Pat'-ing!

Whenever we have some spare time we really enjoy going Geocaching with Elsa, especially when we visit a different part of the country because it gives us the opportunity to transfer trackables to new locations, and encourages us to explore more of the countryside and towns that we visit, rather than just sticking to the touristy areas. Click here to read more about Geocaching with your dog. 

When we are at home we use Elsa's Pit Pat activity monitor to make sure that she is getting enough exercise on a day-to-day basis but when we are on holiday we tend to use the data differently... We spend so much time walking around that it's easy to forget that Elsa ordinarily spends much of the day at home sleeping, so it's important to make sure that she has enough time resting throughout the day so that when she does get her paws on a sandy beach she has the energy to run around and really enjoy herself! 

Furry Friends

Not only did we bump into Harry the Chug at The Cakery, Elsa also met two gorgeous Lhasa's in Padstow while we were on holiday in March. Maya and Bella will be joining the Paws across Britain Pack so keep an eye out for their profile page, coming soon! 

Last but not least, we made one last stop on our way home from Cornwall so that Elsa could meet another pawesome pooch called Bodie! This rescue dog has been on his own epic adventure travelling the West Coast of America with his owner, author Belinda Jones. You can read more about Bodie on their website

Urban Paws

Elsa is no stranger to the camera so we thought we'd see if anyone might be interested in booking her as a 'dog model'? She is now on the books of the UK's leading Animal Casting Agency - Urban Paws!

Click here to see her profile page.

EXCITING NEWS | Elsa is the new brand ambassador for ORIJEN!

Elsa has been eating ORIJEN Fit & Trim for almost a year now so we are absolutely thrilled that she has been chosen as the new ambassador for a brand that we care so much about! LOTS more to follow soon... In the meantime you can read the official announcement on the Pet Gazette website by following this link.

The Pack - March 2018

Welcome to The Pack Tilly and Leo! You can view their full profiles and read about their favourite places in Britain by clicking on their pictures. Click here if your dog would like to Join the Pack too!

This Time Last Year - March 2017

From shopping at Crufts to making new friends...some things never change. Head further back in time to see what Elsa was up to a year ago by clicking here.

Next Month - Join us to 'suppawt' Guide Dogs on Saturday 21st April - We have teamed up with Hounds, The Cakery and Paws & Co. Staffs Ltd to host our own 'Great Guide Dogs Tea Party'!

Click here for full details of this event

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