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Bodie is a rescue dog from the U.S.A. who was found living on the streets in Los Angeles. He ended up on doggie death row, but this wasn’t what he was destined for… luckily this was only the beginning of Bodie’s story.

Bodie was adopted by a British author called Belinda Jones and together they embarked on an epic road trip from L.A. all the way up the Pacific Coast of America to Portland in Oregon. Belinda candidly writes about the highs and lows of their adventure in her book called ‘Bodie on the Road’. What’s wonderful about their trip is that it was almost entirely tailored around Bodie, from dog friendly hotels to dog boutiques; even Belinda’s choice of car came down to what might suit Bodie the best!

Reading the book, I felt like Elsa & I had a lot in common with Bodie & Belinda including our love of travel, food, beaches and dogs...

The part about Belinda getting to grips with early morning walks and the horror of bumping into other people before applying any makeup really made me giggle because this is something that I also struggled to get used to! Although, as Belinda also points out, dogs don’t care what you look like as long as they are happy, healthy, fed and loved and that’s all that really matters!

Belinda and I have been following each other on social media for some time now, and I was delighted to learn that she AND Bodie were currently living in Devon, England! The idea of Elsa and Bodie meeting was a very exciting prospect and our recent trip to Cornwall gave us the perfect opportunity to introduce them to each other, since we were passing through Devon anyway.

Belinda suggested meeting at The Ness in Teignmouth and we agreed on the date and time. The Ness is a gorgeous dog friendly pub set in a Georgian building based on the outskirts of Shaldon village overlooking the Teign Estuary. Almost everyone in the lounge area had a dog with them and it was clearly a very popular place!

I imagined Bodie to have a laid-back, L.A. ‘surfer dude’ type of personality (like Patrick Swayze in Point Break) and he certainly lived up to my expectations with his broad, cheeky smile. I thought that his fur would be coarse but I was surprised to find that it was very soft and smooth. Belinda welcomed us with open arms and we settled the dogs with some special doggie ice cream while we started chatting away.

I have to say that I was particularly impressed with the Doggy Ice Cream! We found the tubs in their own designated freezer in the reception area, and there were two flavours to choose from: ‘old sock’ and carrot. When we opened up the little pots the ice cream was actually shaped as if it had been properly scooped into the tub (rather than just a solid mass that had been frozen) and it also came with a little bone-shaped ‘spoon’ - very quirky!

When Elsa and Bodie (but mainly Elsa) started to get restless we ventured along the beach so that the dogs could stretch their legs and we ended up at another dog friendly coffee shop called The Clipper. Belinda was keen to show us as many of the dog friendly places in Shaldon as possible and it was great to have someone guide us to all the hot spots!

Unfortunately Elsa wasn’t in the best mood on the day… We were at the end of our week-long holiday and she was tired and grouchy and decided to let everyone know about it, especially poor Bodie who got an earful of abuse every time he made a peep or dared to glance in her direction.

Despite her best efforts to get us kicked out of The Clipper with her high-pitched protest, we managed to settle her down for a little while with the help of Bodie’s treats.

Elsa certainly knows how to leave an impression, but luckily Bodie was a perfect gentleman and turned a blind eye to her unladylike attitude!

Belinda and I talked about everything from dogs to blogs, life, love, travel, and anything else that we could think of. We seemed to have so much in common that it actually felt like meeting up with an old friend. By the time we said goodbye we were almost finishing each other’s sentences! (I should also mention that my husband was with us and couldn't get a word in edgewise, but he did enjoy his coffee and sandwich while we were chatting away.)

Although it wasn’t love at first sight for Elsa and Bodie as I had hoped, the pair did seem content to go for a short walk together before we parted ways.

We are so grateful to Belinda and Bodie for taking the time to meet us, they are a truly inspirational pair and a pleasure to spend time with. 

Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future, when Elsa is in a better mood!  

Read more about Bodie & Belinda on their website www.bodieontheroad.com

Follow Bodie on Instagram @bodieontheroad

Their book ‘Bodie on The Road’ is already available in the UK, and is due to be released in the U.S. this summer.

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