Favourite Product | Dizzy Daisy Felt

Favourite Product | Dizzy Daisy Felt

No, your eyes are not deceiving you and Elsa has not had puppies...this is actually an exact replica of Elsa, lovingly handmade by Dizzy Daisy Felt!


I came across Dizzy Daisy Felt on Facebook: someone had shared a picture of a Bichon Frise that Kirsty had made and the level of detail was just incredible, it was an amazing likeness of the actual dog.

I found myself scrolling through the photographs on her page, having to double-check which pictures were of real dogs and which were of the ones that she had made!

I'd seen needle-felted replica dogs before, but they always had cartoon-like appearances and I really liked how realistic and natural Dizzy Daisy Felt's ones looked.

There were quite a few examples of Shih Tzu type dogs, some with longer coats like Elsa's. I was so impressed at this point, so it was only a matter of time before we had Elsa immortalised in wool too!

Placing the order was quick and easy, Kirsty just needed a few photographs of Elsa from different angles. This may sound a little bit strange but we also sent her some of Elsa's fur too! The texture of her undercoat is similar to the needle-felting wool, and we thought that it might help with colour-matching. Apparently we are not the first people to ask Kirsty to use some actual fur when making the replica, which made me feel a little less weird for asking, and it also adds a personal touch.

The replicas take approx 4-6 weeks to make and are normally posted out for delivery but, since we were visiting the North East, we had the pleasure of meeting Kirsty and her lovely Shih Tzu, Barney at Doggie Diner in Sunderland to collect the mini-Elsa in person!

Barney is such a charmer, he and Elsa shared a bowl of water and then settled down to watch a raucous doggie birthday party that was also taking place from a safe distance together. It would be hard not to fall in love with Barney, he is such a handsome, lovely boy!

Throw us a Bone Dizzy Daisy Felt!

We asked Kirsty to answer a few questions about her craft:

What inspires you? 
I'm a huge animal lover and Shih Tsu owner so particularly love making that breed. I do get inspired by other breeds, specifically those that can be a creative challenge to me - it keeps me on my toes! I started needle-felting about 4 years ago after buying my daughter a kit and I ended up finishing her project and immediately got the felting bug, my background is in painting but I love felting due to its versatility.
Tell us a little bit about the process of needle-felting:
I start with a pipe cleaner armature in the basic shape of a what I'm making, then I build up the shape of the body by wrapping core wool around the armature whilst felting with a barbed needle. This binds the wool together to make a dense shape. Once the shape is formed, fur (wool) and features are added.
What has been your favourite piece that you've created so far? 
Probably the first dog that I ever made called Charlie, commissioned by a Shih Tsu owner, that set me on my pooch making path.
Do you have an animal/ figure that you enjoy making the most? 
As much as I love making dogs, I do enjoy making non-furry creatures such as humans! I really enjoy making Bowie as I'm a fan and he had such a distinctive look.
How long does each piece take you on average? 
Approximately 10 hours
Are there any particular care instructions? 
As each piece is handmade and formed with needle-felting (no glue etc.), they do need to be handled with care. The fur can be smoothed back into place gently.
Many thanks to Dizzy Daisy Felt for the additional photos!

We are absolutely thrilled with Elsa's replica from Dizzy Daisy Felt. The colours are such a good match to her own fur and from certain angles it is really difficult to tell them apart! This is such a wonderful keepsake that we will cherish forever, we can't thank you enough Kirsty!

If you are interested in learning more about needle-felting, Kirsty also teaches workshops which are hosted at various craft shops/ community centres. You can view upcoming events via the Dizzy Daisy Felt Facebook Page.

Dizzy Daisy Felt

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