ORIJEN Freeze Dried Dog Treats

ORIJEN Freeze Dried Dog Treats

ORIJEN's Freeze Dried Treats are made from 100% fresh meats, poultry or fish (depending on variety) and absolutely no additives, preservatives or anything else!

The ​treats are formed into bite-sized morsels and gently freeze-dried to lock in the nutrients and flavour. This process gives them a unique texture too, they are not hard like biscuits would be, nor are they greasy like some other meat-based products.

Just like ORIJEN Dog Food and ORIJEN Freeze Dried Dog Food, these treats are Biologically Appropriate™ which means that they are designed to mirror a natural canine diet.

They feel very light and airy, so my initial thought when we bought our first packet was that one bag wouldn't last very long, but a single treat goes a long way if broken up into smaller pieces.

The packets are also designed with a zip-lock to keep them fresh once opened. This also makes them easy to store and carry around when you are on the move.

The recommended guide suggests that up to 10% of daily feed can be made up of treats, so when we give Elsa any, we just hold a little bit of food back to make sure that she's not being overfed. 

​Treats can be utilised many ways and they have a range of benefits for your dog, including:

  • Dietary enrichment from different meat and fish sources.
  • Mental stimulation, for example: hiding treats and making your dog work to find them.
  • Unless you have one of those rare dogs that is not motivated by food (do they even exist?), treats are also an essential training aid!

Elsa is always eager to please when it comes to earning an ORIJEN Freeze Dried Treat, and she never gets bored of them either.

They come in many varieties including: Original poultry and flounder, Regional Red, Tundra, Six Fish, Romney Lamb, Wild Boar, Plains Bison and Elsa’s favourites: Angus Beef and Free-Run Duck. She particularly loves it when we sprinkle one over her food to make an extra tasty meal!

Good treats taste so much better when shared with good friends!

Freddie Cockapoo, Miss Darcy, Barnaby & Elsa

As the ambassador for ORIJEN, Elsa has been sharing her treats with lots of dogs that we have met on our travels, including PaB Pack Members: Freddie & Friends, Barnaby, Miss Darcy & Scrumptious.

We've also given lots of treats out to new friends too, so if you spot Elsa out-and-about please ask for her 'pawtograph' and we will be happy to share whatever we have with you!

Alternatively, if you can't wait to get your paws on some, they are available via ORIJEN’s website, in pet stores like Purplebone, The Designer Dog Company and Pets Corner.

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