Purplebone | Notting Hill | London

Purplebone | Notting Hill | London

Back in 2011, (long before Elsa came onto the scene) I watched a TV series called 'A Different Breed' which showed various different dogs and their owners in a 'reality TV' style documentary. The show was bursting with colourful characters including: Stan Rawlinson the 'Dog Listener'/ behaviourist, dog-obsessed radio presenters JoAnne Good and Anna Webb (who entertained everyone with their 'Absolutely Fabulous' style dog-mum antics) and dog shop owners Jacob & Julian from Purplebone.

At the time, the people on the show were presented as being somewhat 'eccentric' but fast forward to 2018 and shopping for your dog, taking them to daycare and throwing them a birthday party has become the norm with today's conscientious 'pet parents'.

Purplebone set the standard as far as dog shops were concerned and it's somewhere that I've always wanted to visit with Elsa.

There are actually two Purplebone shops now, the one that we visited in Notting Hill and another one in Chelsea. Although this store was slightly smaller than I had expected, we found a good selection of products including treats, accessories and dog food. Purplebone also have their own-brand range of toys, collars, leads and grooming products.

ORIJEN's familiar packaging caught our eye straight away; we are absolutely delighted that Purplebone stock Elsa's favourite brand of food and treats! ORIJEN is only sold in smaller pet stores and boutiques and I was told that it flies off the shelves in this store which was great to hear!

Click here to read more about Elsa and ORIJEN.

Along with the retail shop, Purplebone offer a range of dog grooming services in their salon upstairs. We saw the cutest little puppy being dropped off for a groom while we were there (sorry, no pics)!

Purplebone also have a website where you can shop, read their blog, request a grooming appointment or subscribe to their monthly 'Purplebox' full of treats, toys and other useful essentials for your pooch!

Of course we couldn't leave empty-pawed, so we picked up a cute little London-themed toy as a souvenir and a bone chew. Although it was only a brief visit, I'm so pleased that we were finally able to take Elsa to Purplebone!



Notting Hill | 95 Notting Hill Gate, Kensington, London W11 3JZ

Chelsea | 155 King's Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5TX

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