Review | Vita Canis

Review | Vita Canis
Note to readers: Products featured in this post were given to us as gifts; however, the views and opinions expressed are genuine and this post was produced without any external editorial control.

The Vita Canis range includes scented sprays and aromatherapy products for both dogs and humans. They are made of 100% natural ingredients, hand-crafted in small batches by Jitka, an experienced groomer who saw the need for aromatherapy and skincare products to compliment the grooming process.

Jitka was introduced to herbalism and botany by her parents and this played a big part in influencing her to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. She developed a passion for holistic practices and went on to complete a Diploma in Aromatherapy at the Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy. Her love of dogs led her to become a professional, award winning dog groomer and Jitka built on this success by establishing the Vita Canis Dog Grooming Salon based in Staffordshire. Her enterprise has now expanded to include boarding kennels and it was only a matter of time before she combined her skills and interests to create the Vita Canis product range.

Vita Canis Products for Dogs & Owners

In 2014 Jitka attended a soap and cream making course where she was introduced to the process of using essential oils to create natural homemade products. Since she was working as a full-time professional groomer and also regularly grooming her own dogs; she found herself in need of a product to help soothe her hands after a long day of bathing, brushing, scissoring/ hand-stripping coats. Jitka decided to put her new cream making skills to use and came up with the Hand Butter which became the cornerstone of her product range. Jitka noticed that many dogs also suffer from dry or cracked paws, so the next step was to adapt the formula and the Paw Butter was created. Following in the success of these products, the range was then expanded to include Aromatic Sprays.

Aromatherapy products are believed to benefit dogs in a similar way to humans; certain essential oils can repel insects, others are said to have calming effects. 

Jitka started by creating an aromatherapy spray that she could use to help anxious or stressed dogs to relax. The original Calming Floral Spray is made from several essential oils including lavender, sweet orange and mandarin and it can be spritzed directly onto the dog, or their bedding. After seeing positive results from using the spray in the grooming salon and kennels, Jitka started selling the products to other groomers who were looking for a natural solution to help keep dogs calm and relaxed and eventually set up an online shop

Today, the Vita Canis product range is an established brand that has expanded to include Insect Repellent Sprays, Skin Relief Spray, Comfort Blend, Ear Cleaner and Soothing Antiseptic Spray, but everything is still handmade in small batches to ensure the highest quality of each product. The range is constantly expanding and evolving, so you can expect to see more products available in the future!

Jitka kindly sent us samples from the Vita Canis range to try! Here’s what we thought:

Firstly, I have to say that all of these products smell AMAZING, particularly the Tick Off spray which is infused with grapefruit and lemongrass. Ticks are the bain of most dog-owners' lives, so it’s great to have a natural product like this to help deter them. A few sprays 2-3 times a week are all that is needed. This is definitely a favourite!

The Insect Repelling Citrus Spray has a similar but softer citrus scent, a bit like lemon meringue. I’m really hoping that it will help to keep the midges away from Elsa (and me) when we travel to Scotland.

The Calming Floral Spray has a natural herbal, fruity and floral scent and keeps Elsa smelling fresh between baths. This is another favourite as it also has calming properties which means that it’s useful both at home and while travelling.

Comfort Blend is recommended for use with animals suffering from separation anxiety. Jitka uses this in her kennels, often applying a little to both the owner and dog in order to ease the process for both parties! The essential oils are mixed with a base of almond oil and we’ve found that this mixture also leaves Elsa’s coat looking very shiny.

We haven’t had any reason to use the Skin Relief spray as yet because Elsa doesn’t tend to suffer with skin issues. [However we know one or two other dogs that do, so we’ll see if they can benefit from using this and get their feedback.]

I didn’t think that we would have a reason to use the Ear Cleaner either, until I noticed some ear wax stuck in the fur inside one of Elsa’s ears while I was grooming her... I initially tried to gently tease it out but this just made the wax even stickier and fused it onto her fur, so I dabbed a little of the cleaner on a cotton pad and gently wiped the wax off the fur. The ear cleaner broke up and removed the wax almost instantly, so I was very impressed with this!

A little goes a long way with the Hand Butter and Paw Butter and they literally do ‘what they say on the tin’: soothing and moisturising dry skin/ paws. I also love the novelty of having matching human and canine products too!

Overall, I am very impressed with the Vita Canis range and I’ve really enjoyed learning about the benefits of using essential oils on dogs!

These are products that we’ll continue to use and we would recommend them to anyone looking for natural, handcrafted aromatherapy products that could benefit their dogs.

Paws across Britain’s Top Picks:

Tick Off Spray

Calming Floral Spray

Hand Butter & Paw Butter

Along with the Vita Canis range of products, you can find aromatherapy oil burners, scented stones and Orgonites for sale via the Vita Canis website. Jitka also publishes informative posts via the website’s blog section.

Vita Canis

Earlier this year, Vita Canis hosted a grooming competition called ‘Style to Groom’, the first of its kind based in the UK to put rescue dogs in the spotlight, giving them the opportunity to get a free ‘makeover’ with the aim of raising awareness for their rescue centre and hopefully helping them to find a new home in the process too!
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