Paws and Rewind – June 2018

Paws and Rewind – June 2018

Paws and Rewind is a look back at the places, products, activities and events that we have been enjoying with Elsa over the past month.

June Highlights:

Summer has officially landed and it is HOT, HOT, HOT!

The long, hot days made June feel like it would last forever and this lovely weather looks like it is set to continue into July too!

Despite her long fur, Elsa does cope quite well in warm weather. Many people seem to have the misconception that dogs with long fur need to have their coat clipped short during the summer to keep them cool, but this isn't the case. Elsa is double-coated, so her long outer coat sits on top of a softer downy undercoat and, as long as the loose undercoat is brushed out regularly, her fur can actually help to keep her cool.

Of course we have also adapted our routines to avoid walking her during the hottest part of the day, and we never go anywhere without her cooling coat and water. At home we have fans, cooling mats, a paddling pool and ice pops to keep her nice and chilled.

Elsa's very first trip to LONDON! This whirlwind weekend was absolutely wonderful and we are so grateful to the amazing Hotel Indigo for inviting us to stay, along with the hospitality shown to us at Theo's Simple Italian! Elsa also had lots of fun and enjoyed making new friends when we met up with Barnaby and Miss Darcy from the The PaB Pack in Kensington Gardens. We took her shopping at the iconic Purplebone store in Notting Hill and she sniffed around all the new products in Love My Human which recently opened in Chelsea.

DogFest North returned to Cheshire: After the blistering heat at DogFest 2017, and the torrential rain in 2016, we weren't sure whether to go to again this year or to give it a miss... We left the decision until the very last minute, but in the end I'm so pleased that we did go because we had a such a lovely day! The weather was perfect and we got to meet up with PaB Pack members, including Scrumptious, Harry and 'Freddie & Friends'. Elsa also met Chris Packham's Poodle, Scratchy and we got to spend more time with two of our other favourite famous Poodles: Mojo and Freddie!

We met Jitka (and Richard, her Airedale Terrier puppy) from Vita Canis to learn about this brand of handmade, aromatherapy and grooming products for dogs. Jitka is such an inspiring, talented person with a very interesting background so it was lovely to spend time with her and learn about some of the benefits that essential oils can have on dogs.

As the ambassador for ORIJEN, Elsa has been sharing her favourite ORIJEN Freeze Dried Treats with lots of dogs that we have met on our travels and these yummy little meaty morsels have gone down very well! Find out how to get your paws on some in the full blog post (link below).

The Pack - June 2018

Welcome Bria, Lana, Morgan and Danny! You can view their full profiles and read about their favourite places in Britain by clicking on their pictures.

Click here if your dog would like to Join the Pack too!

This Time Last Year - June 2017

From DogFest to exploring unfamiliar places...some things never change. Head further back in time to see what Elsa was up to a year ago by clicking here.

Next Month - We have lots of blog posts that have been in the pipeline for far too long, so we hope to get some of these published, including a Directory of our favourite resources. 

Home Comforts: We've ordered Elsa a new bed and will be doing some re-decorating, so we'll show you the before & after pictures when we're done.

We also have a VERY exciting announcement to make...more details will be published soon, but here is a little sneak peek... 

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