Posh Paws Harrogate | Yorkshire

Posh Paws Harrogate | Yorkshire

Posh Paws Harrogate is an independent pet shop where you will find a very friendly welcome, helpful advice and over 100 carefully selected brands including one of our favourites…

We were absolutely delighted to see that Posh Paws Harrogate stock both ORIJEN and ACANA!

Although these two brands are made by the same manufacturer the main difference between them is that ORIJEN is made of 75-80% meat, while ACANA foods have 40-65%, depending on the formula.

Despite being slightly lower in protein than ORIJEN, ACANA is still a great option for anyone who is looking for a food that mimics the natural diet with high fresh meat inclusions and low carbohydrates.

The adjusted formula also means that ACANA is very competitively priced so if you need to buy large quantities of pet food, without compromising on quality, then this brand ticks every box!

Click here to read more about ORIJEN & ACANA.

ACANA is one of the best-selling brands in Posh Paws Harrogate and they have a huge selection of the food and treats.

Since we were in Yorkshire, I couldn't resist getting Elsa these 'Yorkshire Pork' Freeze Dried Treats!

In addition to dog food and treats, this pet shop stocks lots of other well-known brands that we love including: Dorwest, BeCo, EzyDog and Kong. You can find everything here from collars to coats, grooming products and toys. They also sell items for cats, small animals and aquariums along with wild and aviary birds. Posh Paws Harrogate holds a licence to sell prescription foods and medicines at an SQP level for companion animals.

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting the store manager, Michaela and her adorable pooch Rocco! This gentle giant was a little camera-shy when we visited, not helped by the fact that Elsa was trying her best to squeeze behind the barrier into the till area where he was hiding out, she does forget her manners sometimes... I really enjoyed chatting with Michaela. We were on our way into town and she kindly gave me a list of several dog friendly places that we might like to visit which was so helpful since it was our first time in the area. Her recommendations included: Hoxton North, The Square & CompassValley Gardens and The Potting Shed.

Throw us a bone - Posh Paws Harrogate!

We chat with the store manager, Michaela, about the shop, products and dogs!:

How long has Posh Paws been open? Tell us a bit about your background...

We bought Posh Paws over 6 years ago and my family and I are celebrating 50 years within the pet industry this October (2018). We have all worked in pet shops our whole lives. It began with another store in 1968, which is still going but sells slightly different products. This was started by my grandfather all those years ago so my brother and I have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry.

What sets Posh Paws apart from other pet shops?

We focus on the nutritional side of things. My brother and I are C-SQP qualified and we do lots of research into every product that we stock. I am almost like a personal shopper for all of my customers and get to know what their dogs eat, including what they like and don’t like. It’s a real one-to-one service.

How do you select your products?

I constantly keep an eye on social media and pet magazines to see what the latest trends are. For example, Lickimats are very popular right now and stocking them really helps to bring new customers into the store. 

What are your best-sellers?

Ooh this is a hard one! Probably ORIJEN and ACANA food along with collars, harnesses and dog treats.

Do you stock any exclusive/ local products?

I believe that a few of our products are relatively exclusive to this area, including Lickimats and The Dog Treat Company. We also stock our own grain-free food from a well-known manufacturer. 

Tell us about your own dogs and how they have influenced the shop:

Well... everything has to be tried and tested by either myself or my dogs so that we can share our experiences! I used to have two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bronson and Rocco, but unfortunately we recently lost Bronson to cancer. The two were very different personalities which gave us different reactions to products and treats etc. I chose this breed because they are gentle giants and aren’t demanding, apart from cuddles! Rocco usually just sleeps in the cellar all day, especially in this heat, unless he hears another dog coming into the shop and he'll run upstairs to say hi. The shop is a home away from home for both of us.

Are you involved with any local charities?

I do work closely with a customer of mine who runs Woodfield Dog Rescue: Janet Mcdougall. Janet rescues dogs from Boldesti Public Shelter in Romania and fosters them until they find a perfect forever home. Janet’s only problem is that each time 5 or 6 dogs come over she ends up keeping one! I support Janet because she is a marvellous lady who raises money to bring the dogs over to the UK, pays for spay clinics and fit for purpose kennels to be built.

Do you have a favourite 'regular' canine customer?

Oh it’s so hard to choose one because I have SOOOO many lovely regulars...

One of Rocco's friends is a black Labrador called Ozzy who is a character, he's full of energy and makes me laugh, but I love all of our doggie customers so much!

Whether you live near Harrogate or you are just passing through, this store has something for every dog and is well worth a visit!

Posh Paws Harrogate


34 Leeds Rd, Harrogate HG2 8BQ


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