Woody’s Luxury Glamping | Llangernyw near Conwy | North Wales

Woody’s Luxury Glamping | Llangernyw near Conwy | North Wales

We love to travel and explore the British countryside but we’re not particularly ‘outdoorsy’; most of our adventures are centred around cottages, boutique hotels, pubs or B&B’s and usually involve eating good food. We like our ‘home comforts’ so we have never considered camping with Elsa, however, while searching for a last minute getaway in Wales, Woody’s Luxury Glamping caught my eye... I could see from the gallery that the tent had a nice comfy bed and the outdoor pizza oven looked very interesting, so I thought that it might be fun to step out of our comfort zone for a little while and booked us into the ‘Hoot’ tent, via Airbnb.

This is the first time that I’ve used Airbnb and I really like how you can filter the results to show only ‘pet friendly’ listings. Once I requested to book the tent I got a reply from Tracey at Woody’s Luxury Glamping almost instantaneously along with directions, arrival details and the menus for dinner and breakfast, so within minutes we were all booked in and had our meals lined up!

The ‘Glamp’ site was easy to find thanks to the extra instructions from Tracey. Granny Smith was there to welcome us on arrival and directed us to our car parking space before showing us around and settling us into our tent. It was very clear from the moment that we arrived that the environment was very relaxed and we were made to feel right at home straight away.

We were also greeted by the resident pooches: Nala (German Shorthaired Pointer) and Cosmo (Miniature Dachshund). The glamping site is situated within the grounds of the family home and these curious canines have free-roam of the land. They waste no time in getting to know you and have no sense of boundaries if they find an opening in your tent. As you can imagine, this was a dream come true for us, and we made the most of every moment of their company!

We’ve discovered that Elsa suffers from ‘hangriness’ so she was a little standoffish with Cosmo at first, but luckily we had some ORIJEN Freeze Dried Food with us which was easy to prepare due to the fact that we had fresh water and a kettle in the tent. Thankfully, Elsa was much more placid and sociable with Cosmo and Nala once she had been fed!

Nala even came out for a short walk with us, almost as if she was guiding us along the right path. Elsa just couldn't keep up with Nala's long legs and straggled behind, but we all enjoyed the extra company.

The tent was a lot bigger than I had expected and was fully equipped with lights, heaters, tea & coffee making facilities, crockery, a large comfy bed, lots of extra blankets, towels, guidebooks and games. Wi-Fi was available, although I didn’t bother connecting to it as we were only there for one night and it was nice to ‘disconnect’ and live in the moment.


The site has shower facilities and an additional lavatory which is situated inside a very cute little shed. A converted stable houses cooking facilities and a fridge and there are outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy the spectacular views of the Welsh countryside. Glampers can also use the outdoor hot tub for a small additional fee.


One of the highlights of this glamping site is the outdoor wood fired pizza oven.

If you wish to use the oven, a ‘pizza pack’ is available to purchase from the hosts. This includes two homemade pizza bases with tomato passata topping, cheese and herbs from the garden.

Granny Smith was on hand to get the fire going and she and Tracey helped us to make the most delicious pizzas that we’ve ever eaten. They didn’t look very big but they were so filling and I actually struggled to finish mine! 

While we were preoccupied with the pizzas, Elsa took advantage of the fact that she wasn’t on a lead and went for a little walk all by herself… luckily she didn’t get far and we found her sniffing around the stables.

We spent the rest of the evening playing ball with Nala, wrestling ‘Mrs Rabbit’ from Cosmo and trying to stop Elsa from wandering into the nearby horse’s field...

Since Elsa was spending so much time outdoors and could potentially come into contact with ticks, we also took the Vita Canis Citrus and Tick Off sprays with us and gave her a good spritz with them, just in case!

[We’ve checked her for ticks since then and so far so good, nothing to report.]

Our tent was very clean and comfortable and once we got used to the odd bleat, moo, neigh and bark from the neighbours, we all slept quite well. Even the onset of rain didn’t disturb us too much...the only problem that we had was that the weather had been so dry and warm for so long that I forgot to pack Elsa’s raincoat (oops!), so she did get a little damp on her morning walk.

Breakfast is another optional extra and the menu includes things like a full Welsh cooked breakfast and homemade waffles. Since it was raining, this was served in the conservatory of the main house rather than outside and Elsa was allowed to join us. Cosmo snook under the table too, both of them waiting for a stray crumb to fall. All of the food that we had was absolutely amazing, and the portions were very generous. I particularly enjoyed the homemade Welsh cakes which were still warm when they were served… yummy!

The only downside to glamping was that it was over too soon. Even the rain couldn't put a dampener on this experience because we’ve never seen Elsa have so much fun! Woody’s Luxury Glamping is definitely one of the most dog friendly places that we’ve ever stayed and we’d highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking for something a little bit different, without compromising on comfort, great food and outstanding service.

Woody’s Luxury Glamping


Ty Mawr Gell, Llangernyw, Conwy LL22 8RF


    • Elsa
      22nd July 2018 / 4:55 pm

      Sev and Lily would LOVE it there 😉

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