Getting to Grips with Dog Food Labelling | ORIJEN MeatMath

Getting to Grips with Dog Food Labelling | ORIJEN MeatMath

Deciding what to feed your dog in the first place can be a very daunting prospect, particularly because there are so many different types of food available: from raw to tinned, cold-pressed to freeze-dried and kibble, each with a selection of different flavours and purported benefits.

Unlike with human food, dog food labelling is not standardised so it can be hard to tell what ratios of meat and other ingredients are actually included in each recipe. Once we started looking at food labels, I was also shocked to find out that many of the brands that we had thought to be wholesome actually contain very little meat and they are full of ‘fillers’ including rice, corn, potato and wheat, not to mention the additives and preservatives…

Regardless of what form of food that you decide is right for your dog, one thing that is universally accepted by those who have studied dog nutrition, the veterinary community, pet food manufacturers and owners alike is that because dogs are carnivores, they should be fed a diet that is rich in meat and low in unnecessary carbohydrates.  

We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the composition of their dog’s food to start reading the food labels to ensure that the recipe not only contains the right type of ingredients, but in the correct ratios too. Fortunately, ORIJEN’s MeatMath labelling system makes this task very easy!

ORIJEN's MeatMath system clearly outlines three key things:

1. How much meat is in the product.

2. What percentage of that meat is fresh.

3. How many types of meat are included in the recipe.

ORIJEN offer their products in two formats: kibble and freeze-dried. The kibble varieties are made of 85% meats on average with the remaining 15% made up by vegetables and botanicals, all cooked at the low temperature of 90°C in order to reduce carbohydrates and preserve the nutrients. Freeze Dried ORIJEN dog food is made of up to  90% meat, one of the highest meat ratios available on the market, and because it is produced without the need to be cooked, it’s a great alternative to traditional raw food which might not suit everyone’s lifestyles.

Whether you prefer kibble or freeze-dried food, all of ORIJEN’s recipes are Biologically Appropriate™ and incorporate WholePrey™ principles which mirror a dog’s natural diet. Their clear labelling system shows you exactly what you are feeding your dog so you can be confident that they have the best possible diet - this is why Elsa is powered by ORIJEN! 

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