Review | Furbo Dog Camera

Review | Furbo Dog Camera
Note to readers: This post is an ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE and includes marketing content. Products featured in this post were given to us as gifts; however, the views and opinions expressed are genuine.

We love to go on adventures with Elsa, travelling across Britain in search of dog friendly places that we can visit together, but there are also times when we have to part ways and Elsa must stay at home.

I can remember the very first time that we ever left her on her own and how anxious I felt, it was dreadful! Every second that passed seemed like an eternity and I couldn’t wait to get back to her. We worked hard to ensure that Elsa became familiar with our routines and used to being left on her own for short periods so that she wouldn’t suffer from separation issues. Even though she adapted to the circumstances remarkably well I have always struggled with my own anxiety when it comes to leaving her, but things have changed now thanks to Furbo!

Furbo was created with the help of professional trainers and veterinarians to allow pet owners to see, talk to and throw treats to their dogs when they are at home, anytime day or night.

Elsa was incredibly curious about this new gadget when it arrived!

Furbo comes in a box with a power cord and very simple instructions, you just plug it in, download the app on your phone (available in both the App Store and Google Play) and connect to your Furbo. Within a couple of minutes we were online and good to go!

The picture quality is very good thanks to the 1080p camera and 160º wide-angle view. It’s also equipped with night vision. In addition to the camera features, Furbo also allows two-way audio and has a ‘Barking Alert’ function that sends you real-time notifications if any barking is detected. 

Once the Furbo was in place we decided to test Elsa’s reaction to it. A light changes from yellow to blue when the Furbo is connected to the app in order to attract the dog’s attention. I love the bamboo lid and I even like the fact that the wire is white and not black because this makes it less obtrusive.

Furbo can hold approximately 100 small treats (approx. 1 cm in diameter) and you can activate the treat dispensing function directly from the app while you are connected; Furbo makes a sound before shooting out two or three treats. Elsa isn’t clicker trained and was unsure of the sound that the Furbo makes but she quickly returned to collect her treats so I’m sure that she will get used to this in no time. You can also record a custom sound to play prior to treats being thrown so I’ve set this up so that she can hear my voice which will hopefully be more familiar to her.

Furbo is the ideal gadget for any dog owner who wants to stay in contact with their pet around the clock.

After we set the Furbo up I was so excited to see what Elsa got up to when I left the house but every time I checked on her she was just a big ball of fur, fast asleep! Within the Furbo app you can record videos and save photographs of the live feed so I will hopefully catch her doing something slightly more interesting than just snoring one day! 

We’ve set the Furbo up next to Elsa’s bed. It is within her reach but she doesn’t tend to disturb things in the house and hasn’t tried to mess with it...yet! It’s quite sturdy and the lid does fit on snugly, but we may have to re-position it at some point if Elsa decides to try and get the treats out manually, she certainly knows that they are in there! 

I really wish we’d had one when Elsa was a puppy because being able to make sure that she was OK and reward her from time to time really would have put my mind at ease. I have to say that I really love the Furbo! It’s exactly what I would expect from a dog camera: stylish design, easy to set up and works right out of the box, it has a good quality video feed with a straightforward app and the treat shooter is an added bonus.

The plan is to spend some time familiarising Elsa with this new gadget so that she will hopefully learn to recognise our voices coming from the camera, and train her by using the treat shooter to reward good behaviour… Keep an eye out for our updates.

I think we’re going to have lots of fun with Furbo!

The Furbo dog camera is available on Amazon and the Furbo website for £249 (Elsa not included!)


With special thanks to Karkalis Communications for organising this collaboration!

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Note to readers: This post is an ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE and includes marketing content. Products featured in this post were given to us as gifts; however, the views and opinions expressed are genuine.

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