Paws across Britain & The Outdoor Guide

Paws across Britain & The Outdoor Guide

Exploring Britain with Elsa takes us to lots of unfamiliar places so we like to research where we are going and how dog friendly the area is before we travel. We tend to hone in on finding dog friendly shops, restaurants and attractions but there are times when we just want to lace up our walking boots and take Elsa out into the countryside for a proper walk.

Take your Paws across Britain with The Outdoor Guide

Britain has a vast array of landscapes to enjoy with your dog from ancient forests to glens, valleys, mountains and breathtaking coastal walks, but we never know where to start. What sort of terrain will we have to cross? How difficult will the walk be? Can we let Elsa off her lead? Will there be anywhere to stop along the way for a drink or shelter in case the weather takes a turn for the worst? Will Elsa be able to make it all the way or will we have to carry her? These are the questions that always go through my mind when we consider any walk...

Fortunately, The Outdoor Guide has all the answers and inspiration that we need to get our paws on the right path!

From a list of dog friendly walks and pit stops to feature blogs from other dog owners, TOG shares stories, outdoor intelligence and knowledge - it's a community that we are thrilled to be a part of and we can't wait to share Elsa's favourite walks too. Keep an eye out for the TOG logo and tags on social media!

The Outdoor Guide is an online resource set up by Julia Bradbury and sister Gina that aims to bring together information for walks all around the UK.

On TOG you will find fab walks including those from Julia Bradbury’s most recent programme ‘Britain’s Favourite Walks: Top 100’. It aims to put companies with the same ethos together under one roof to inspire families to get out and explore this wonderful country. Read more

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