High Force Waterfall | County Durham | TOG Inspired Walk

High Force Waterfall | County Durham | TOG Inspired Walk

In summer we love to visit the coast, in spring we enjoy Britain’s flora and in winter we appreciate the snowy landscapes, but nothing can compete with a woodland walk in autumn...

On a recent trip to County Durham we decided to take inspiration for a walk around High Force waterfall from The Outdoor Guide. The website outlines various details including an overview of the walk, highlights along the way, details of how to get there and the nearest car park/ train station along with a link to download the full route from Viewranger.

The total length of the suggested walk is 8.64 miles and I’ll be honest, this is too far for Elsa. She walks at a pace of approximately 1 mile per 30 minutes and stops to sniff every rock, tree, leaf etc. along the path. Heaven forbid we see a squirrel, that adds at least 10 minutes to our journey! Elsa’s optimum walk is between 1-3 hours depending on the terrain and weather conditions so, although we didn’t complete the full circular route, we were still able to use the information on The Outdoor Guide to find the best place to park and access the path that would take us to High Force waterfall.

The waterfall is set in the grounds of the Raby Estate and there is a small fee to access the section of the walk which is adjacent to the car park (separate charges apply there too!) Altogether we paid £6 for two adults and 3 hours in the car park. Click here for more details about opening times, prices, car parking, facilities and access.

As far as autumnal walks go, this one was pretty spectacular! Dogs must be kept on leads, but Elsa is quite happy to walk this way and it didn’t stop her enjoying herself. There are quite a few sections with steep drops and then the area by the waterfall is quite rocky so we definitely wouldn’t have wanted her running off. The walk gives you a beautiful teaser of High Force in the distance...

There are some steps leading down to the viewing area where you can watch the River Tees plunging 21 metres into the pool below. High Force is both powerful and impressive. We love to enrich Elsa’s experiences whenever possible and she enjoyed scrambling over the rocks, I’m sure she must have been a mountain goat in a past life!

The atmosphere was thrilling and Elsa was really energised by this incredible force of nature. Altogether this was a very satisfying walk and one that we look forward to returning to.

Our adventures take us all over the country and it can be difficult to find nice places to walk Elsa when we are in an unfamiliar area; The Outdoor Guide is a fantastic resource for any traveller who needs directions or advice in relation to exploring the beautiful British countryside.

High Force and Low Force walk, County Durham was voted 34th in a 2017 ITV poll to find Britain’s Favourite Walk.

Read more on https://theoutdoorguide.co.uk

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  1. Steph, Sev & Lily
    10th November 2018 / 7:28 am

    Such lovely waterfalls!
    Love From Steph, Sev & Lily

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