Paws at the National Pet Show 2018 | Hound Hangout

Paws at the National Pet Show 2018 | Hound Hangout

Elsa joined the 'Dogs of Instagram' at the National Pet Show to take part in the Hound Hangout over the weekend and we had lots of fun chatting to people about anything and everything related to dogs from travel to grooming, photography and blogging!

At the Hound Hangout we had the opportunity to meet:

Mr Gizmo @mrgizmothepug
Ziggy @cpt_ziggy
Snap @snapthedoodle
Harley @harleybear.29
Folly, Jester & Broadway @citydogexpert
Koda @kodathecloud
Marley @cockapoomarley
Sev & Lily @spaniellife

Throughout the weekend there were lots of other dogs there too including the very talented Mojo & Family @mojosclub showing off all their signature tricks, and Doug the Pug Therapy Dog @dougthepugtherapydog who just radiates good vibes wherever he goes!

Along with spending time with the other hounds at the hangout, we really enjoyed meeting all the people that came over to say hello and make a fuss of Elsa.

The National Pet Show gives visitors the opportunity to get up-close and personal with lots of different animals and learn how to care for them from the experts.

Although the dog and cat sections were kept separate, we spotted Britain's Got Talent star Jackie Prescott and her cat taking a stroll backstage... Elsa adores cats but rarely gets the chance to meet any of them properly because her over-enthusiasm usually scares them off. I was over the moon when Jackie said it would be OK to bring Elsa over to say hello!

The pair were very curious about each other and both seemed to enjoy the meeting. Elsa was incredibly calm and gentle but I could sense that she knew that this was no ordinary encounter!

This was our first time at the National Pet Show so after our slot at the Hound Hangout we explored the rest of the venue. It was busier than expected but not over-crowded and there was so much to do, see and buy! We spent most of our time watching the displays but also managed to do a little bit of shopping.

We even caught a glimpse of Michaela Strachan at the PDSA stand, but sadly we didn't get the chance to ask for a photo because Elsa spotted someone else in the crowd and dragged us away...

Lucy Heath was at the show with two of her utterly adorable dogs, Trip Hazard and Dizzy. They are an amazing team and always deliver incredible performances.

Elsa really took a shine to this pair and even tried to join in when Lucy was trying to demo a few tricks with them! 

If I had to choose one word to describe the show it would be 'variety'. There really was something for everyone to enjoy whether you love dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, reptiles or even insects! 

We had an amazing time at the National Pet Show and would like to thank the team for inviting us to be part of this event!

If you missed it then make sure to keep an eye on their website for future show dates:

The National Pet Show

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