Trentham Gardens | The Trentham Estate | Staffordshire

Trentham Gardens | The Trentham Estate | Staffordshire

The Trentham Estate is extremely popular with dog owners. We can officially say that this is our absolute favourite place in Staffordshire! You can spend a whole day here walking, eating, shopping and relaxing in beautiful surroundings with your dogs.

At the heart of the Trentham Estate you will find Trentham Gardens. There is an admission charge to enter, but once inside you will find a lot to explore including beautifully landscaped areas, flower displays, an Italian garden, lakeside walks, woodland walks, barefoot walk, children’s playground, restaurant, coffee & ice cream shops, miniature railway and much more!

Part of the lakeside walk runs parallel to Trentham Monkey Forest, a woodland trail where you can walk freely among families of Barbary macaques. Although dogs aren’t allowed in the Monkey Forest itself, if you are lucky you just might see a few monkeys exploring or grazing near to the fences from inside Trentham Gardens. On the South East side of the lake you can often catch a glimpse of the resident deer. You can also see a large variety of birds, insects and other wildlife roaming the gardens.

The Trentham Fairies are resident sculptures that can be found dotted around the estate...

No matter what time of year it is, Elsa always loves to explore Trentham! The gardens are open every day (except Christmas Day) and it's a great place to see the changing of the seasons. 

Trentham in Spring | A glimpse of what to expect in summer

Trentham in Summer | A beautiful kaleidoscope of colour

Trentham in Autumn | A treasure trove of golden leaves

Trentham in Winter | A wonderland when it snows!

Trentham Shopping Village

You will find a range of shops here including a large garden centre and many specialist craft, toy, food, beauty and clothing shops.

Doggie Fashions is also based in the Shopping Village – a fantastic shop selling a wide variety of products for dogs including treats like ice cream and dog beer! The Doggie Wash is located in the middle of the shopping village; a self-service dog bathing and drying station.

Cadwaladers | A specialist ice cream shop with a great range of flavours available. Also serves yummy sandwiches, cakes and great coffee too! This is our favourite place to stop for a coffee or snack when we visit The Trentham Estate with Elsa. Dogs are allowed anywhere inside and water bowls can be found at the entrance. There is also a large outdoor seating area which is lovely when the sun comes out!

We love Trentham Gardens so much that Elsa even got her own VIP (Very Important Pup) pass! [Just for fun.]


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    • Kelly
      13th February 2019 / 9:22 am

      Same here, can’t wait for all the flowers! x

  1. 18th February 2019 / 3:31 pm

    Looks so beautiful! Really lovely blog too

    • Kelly
      19th February 2019 / 2:51 pm

      Thank you! x

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