Review | MuttStuff & Co. Dog Car Seat

Review | MuttStuff & Co. Dog Car Seat
Note to readers: MuttStuff & Co gave Elsa this car seat as a gift. This post details our honest review of the product.

This car seat is perfect for small dogs like Elsa!

It’s easy to set up and fits securely onto the seat with 2 straps, one that can be clipped around the back of the chair and another around the headrest. There is a non-slip base underneath so it doesn't budge on the chair.

Unlike other car seats that have flimsy clip built into the seat, this one has a separate, adjustable seat belt clip which seems a lot more sturdy than a built-in one would be. The edges of the car seat zip together to form a box shape but they can also be unzipped so that you can customise how it fits in your car or depending on where you position the seat.

Elsa likes to lie down in the car and I was a little worried that she may not be happy sitting in the seat but as it turns out she can easily curl up in this seat just like she does in her basket at home and she was quite happy to have a little snooze in it.

The fabric is waterproof, great for keeping seats clean after a muddy walk! It's light, folds down compactly and it's very portable (with a carrying handle).

Did you know?

Your insurance could be affected (and possibly invalidated) if you have an accident with an unrestrained dog in your car. There is no set rule on how dogs should be restrained but the Highway Code recommends ‘a seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard’.

Although we took these photographs of Elsa in the seat at the front of the car, we will probably set it up on the back seat on normal journeys. We also have an additional seat belt clip that attaches to the headrest (rather than plugging in) which we will probably continue to use for increased safety.

Overall, we really like this car seat! It’s definitely something that we will use on a regular basis, particularly when travel in family or friend’s cars.

Thanks again to MuttStuff & Co for inviting us to review this product!

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