Champagne Canines | Glebe Farm, Congleton | Cheshire

Champagne Canines | Glebe Farm, Congleton | Cheshire

Glebe Farm has always welcomed well-behaved dogs and over the years we've seen it become progressively dog-friendly, so you can imagine how excited we were to see that a dog shop has opened up there now too! Aside from being fantastically well-stocked, Champagne Canines also offers several special services including animal Reiki, pet party planning and pet first aid courses.

Glebe Farm | Astbury | Congleton

Ever since we discovered that there are animals that you can visit (for free!) at Glebe Farm we haven't been able to drive past without stopping... they often have babies and we've seen crias (baby alpacas), lambs, kids, calves and piglets. There are a number of small, independent businesses based on the Farm including Pet Grooming by Kirsty Cooper and a wonderful dog shop called Champagne Canines. The owner, Bernadette, positively beams with energy and enthusiasm. It's always great when you find someone on a similar wavelength when it comes to dogs and it was a real pleasure to meet her!

This is a paws-on, try before you buy type of shop!

Elsa was offered a variety of treat samples to taste and also given the opportunity to test a selection of toys. As you can imagine, Elsa absolutely loved this particular style of retail therapy!

With Elsa preoccupied, we browsed the shop and found lots of new, interactive KONG toys. We've always loved this brand because the quality is second to none so we couldn't go home without some new ones!

Along with the services offered, the shop mainly stocks treats and accessories rather than dog food. Although Elsa doesn't have any ailments, I have always been interested in holistic therapies so I am intrigued by the idea of Reiki and crystal healing. This is the first time that I have come across these types of services for dogs so I may have to investigate further...


Throw us a bone Champagne Canines!

We chat to owner, Bernadette, about her wonderful shop, products and her own 'Champagne Canines': 

Can you tell readers a bit about the story behind Champagne Canines?

Champagne Canines was initially set up by myself and a friend called Wendy after I held a fabulous birthday party for my Samoyed Mishka’s 1st Birthday. We were both drawn together by our amazing love of animals, we did numerous animal related courses and started making plans, but when it came to the business and premises etc. we decided that we wanted to go down different avenues and this is where I went off on my own and opened my little doggy heaven at the farm. My partner Simon helps out when he can too.

I can’t believe that it’s a year since we opened on Easter Sunday (21st April 2018) ... so much has happened in this first year; our website has started to gain momentum and I was honoured to win Best Canine First Aid Training Provider in the North West of England 2018 Award with GHP.

A lot of people think that the 'Champagne' part of the name comes from the beverage but it is actually taken from the Champagne diamond. One of the first logos we had also featured our Samoyeds in various poses with Mishka wearing a tiara that featured the Champagne diamond with a little Champagne flute in her paw... We believe that the services that we offer go above and beyond the norm, hence the name 'Champagne Canines' was the right fit for our vision.

What can visitors expect when they visit Champagne Canines? 

Every visitor can expect a warm welcome, and we're happy to share our knowledge and product expertise in a very friendly dog loving environment. We have a toy box that enables dogs to have a positive experience every time they visit and it also allows the 'pawrents' to look at the toys as they are being played with, making the visit informative and fun for everyone. We always extend a supportive hand to any pawrents who have rescued a dog, particularly if they want help with socialising their family member. 

How do you source your products? 

All of the products that I source for the shop have to meet certain criteria including: “would I let my dogs have that?”, “would I let my dogs eat that?”, "is it value for money, well made?”, "is it as environmentally friendly as it can be?”, “is it unique?” etc. I personally handpick every item that comes into Champagne Canines and am drawn to items/toys that are beneficial in an enrichment sense. I love our natural treats, antlers, tonics, Lickimats and oral health bowls as these are important for engagement, enrichment and overall pet health.

What are your best-selling products/ services? 

I think our most popular service is our award-winning Canine First Aid Course. I am very proud of this and the amazing feedback we have always received. I only facilitate small groups to ensure engagement, enjoyment and learning. Popular products include our Lickimats, dental care kits, eco toys and hemp / jute toys are very popular, as are our treat dispensing toys. Our birthday cakes have increased in popularity and our Doggy Doughnuts and Pupperoni Pizza always attract attention and sell well too. I have many bespoke items within the shop too, including Pawfume, bandanas, personalised breed-specific handcrafted items, bow ties, Soggy Doggy towels/mats and party items too!

What sets Champagne Canines apart from other pet shops? 

I feel that Champagne Canines is very unique and different to other places as our aim is to deliver an all-encompassing positive holistic service to our customers and their pawrents. I will not have anything in the shop that I would not give to my own dogs.

Do you support any local dog rescues or charities? 

I am a supporter of the Pet Blood Bank, Street Vet, DOTS, The Cinnamon Trust and many local pet charities.

At present I am awaiting posters from Yellow Dog UK as I wish to try and get the word out there about the yellow ribbon project and I am going to start stocking some items from them too. 

I contribute personally to a number of animal-related and homeless charities and, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, (certificated in Holistic Healing for Horses and other Animals, who is also at near completion of a course in Animal Crystal Healing Therapy) I have offered my therapy services to local animal shelters, as I genuinely believe to move forward you need to give back. I also offer anyone who has a rescued animal discounted holistic healing sessions.

What are your plans for the future? 

I have many plans for the future, I will continue to support the causes close to my heart and I am going to promote my Reiki and Crystal Healing for animals and humans further. I have a wonderful relationship building with a fabulous company who are going to be supporting the introduction of crystals within the shop for our animals and their specific needs.

I will be facilitating further first aid courses (endeavouring to ensure that class sizes remain small), I have been asked to host these in a few different locations, so that’s very exciting.

I will continue to seek out bespoke items to offer my four-legged customers and I will always remain true to myself and my ethos - “CC – Where Our Pets Come 1st”.

When I started, I said that I would host educational and socialisation events and I think that the time may be right to start thinking about these and planning them... watch this space!

With special thanks to Bernadette from Champagne Canines, we look forward to seeing you again very soon!

What are you waiting for? Take your paws to Glebe Farm and visit Champagne Canines! 

Champagne Canines | Glebe Farm |

Peel Lane, Congleton CW12 4RQ

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