Buffy Lhasa Apso Puppy Paws across Britain

We are delighted to introduce a new set of paws to our pack; meet Buffy the Lhasa Apso!

We've contemplated having another dog ever since the day we brought Elsa home in 2014. She was a handful and, as first time dog owners, the whole process was a huge learning curve for us. The timing for another dog never seemed quite right... and of course we were worried about how Elsa might react to the new addition. Then there were further dilemmas: do we get the same breed? A puppy or a rescue? Or do we just abandon the idea altogether?

In the end, with a lot of careful consideration, we settled on another Lhasa Apso for the same reasons that we did when we got Elsa; the nature, characteristics and size fit our lifestyle perfectly. Plus, thanks to Elsa, we now have even more knowledge about the specific care and grooming needs of this breed. I've developed a particular fondness for Lhasa Apsos and when it came to the crunch I just couldn't imagine having anything else!

Buffy is settling in very well, so far she's been a breeze compared to Elsa, taking everything in her stride. Elsa's keeping her distance but I can tell that these two will be as thick as thieves in no time.

Buffy Lhasa Apso Puppy Paws across Britain

You can follow Buffy's progress on Instagram via our main @pawsacrossbritain feed, as well as her own profile @buffythelhasa

With special thanks to fellow blogger and super-talented photographer Bethan Shuff for these gorgeous photos of Buffy and Elsa! 

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