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Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

Kibble Bakery is a cute, colourful coffee house and dog shop based in Skipton, North Yorkshire. This place caught my eye on Instagram and I couldn’t wait to take Elsa to check it out!

Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

The coffee house is much bigger than I expected. Along with the seating area that looks out onto the high street, there is also a spacious basement with even more tables. Lots of little, thoughtful touches including dog towels, mats and lead hooks situated by the tables ensure that both humans and hounds can make themselves at home and relax. The contemporary, Scandinavian style of the decor at Kibble Bakery sets a perfect backdrop for puppy parties and get togethers. 

The hound menu has just as much variety as the human one and both offer a selection of natural, home-baked goods and other treats to tempt your taste buds.

Ever wanted to eat waffles together with your dog? Well now you can, and that’s just what we did!

Elsa’s ‘Woofle’ was smaller, made from dog friendly ingredients, and she enjoyed hers with a special Pupspresso topped with sprinkles and a complimentary bowl of water, delivered to our table.

I opted for the S’mores Waffle with a cup of custom Kibble Bakery Unione blend coffee by Casa Espresso - how adorable is the little paw print on top of the foam?!

Kibble Bakery actually has two separate kitchens, one to prepare human food and the second one is DEFRA approved and used to prepare the items from the Hound menu.

Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

With the combination of first-class service and carefully selected ingredients it was easy to see why Kibble Bakery has already won awards including the ‘New Kid on the Block’ category of The Small Awards, which specifically recognise the achievements of small businesses.

Lots of dog shops tend to stock similar products, but it was refreshing to see new, quirky toys, grooming products and accessories for sale that we haven’t come across before too!

Throw us a bone Kibble Bakery!

We chat to Jade about the story behind Kibble Bakery, food, the products that they stock and lots more:

Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

What inspired you to open Kibble Bakery?

When I brought my puppy Max home, I was looking for healthy, gluten and dairy free treats as part of his training and it wasn't always easy to find what we were looking for, so I started baking all of our own treats at home. From this it started to get a little bigger and I would bake for my friends dogs and then started doing a few market stalls. It was then that I thought about a coffee shop where both human and hound can drink, eat and relax together - this was the start of Kibble!  

What can visitors expect? (Humans & Dogs)

From the moment that customers walk through the door human and hound can expect a warm welcome, then they can take a seat and browse our menus. You will find 3 menus: one for drinks, food for humans (breakfast, lunch and homemade cakes) and then the doggy menu.

Our tea and coffee is from the local Casa Espresso Roastery, the Kibble Bakery blend is 50% Colombian and 50% Brazilian and you can enjoy it in store with your pampered pooch or  pop in for a takeaway before your countryside walk around the Yorkshire Dales or the beautiful town of Skipton. Either way we’ll reward your loyalty and custom with a paw print stamp and loyalty card for every drink purchased to say thank you for supporting our family-run independent coffee shop.

Kibble Bakery serves only the best quality modern sandwiches, bagels, pancakes, waffles and burgers. All of our ingredients are sourced from local independent Yorkshire farmers. Each item on our human food menu is cooked and prepared whilst you wait, enjoying your coffee - with or without a four legged friend by your side.

We have 2 floors of seating with fresh dog water, dog mats and carabiner hooks so you can enjoy 'hands free' eating and drinking. We also have our retail space with lots of doggy clothes and accessories.

Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

We found lots of products/ brands for sale that we've never come across before, how do you source the accessories and other items that you sell in store?

We really pride ourselves on browsing suppliers from around the world to bring Kibble customers something a little different. We have made some great friendships with our suppliers from as far away as Sweden, America, France and Australia and continue to find top quality products that are made with care, considering doggy design at the forefront of their creations.

We recently visited a huge pet exhibition in Italy and we are really excited about some of the amazing contacts we made and products that we are going to be able to offer our wonderful Kibble customers!

Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

Do you host any regular special events?

Since opening our 2nd floor at Kibble we have started to host Doggy Birthday Parties, which have been so much fun! We have had pugs, labs, dachshunds and lots more. We are now currently in the process of organising puppy ‘101’ classes which will be a 6 week course for puppies from 8 weeks old working alongside Walkers Canine Behaviour and Training.

Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

What are your plans for the future?

We have so many exciting plans for the future... we hope to continue to grow our retail area and offer even more unique doggy accessories. We are hoping to move into creating ‘ready to go’ dog treats. It’s so important for us to always keep our dog menu fresh and exciting for the pups.

We are continuing to work on our website to make this even more user friendly and supply larger doggy items that we can’t quite fit in the shop. We are also working on our Kibble Bakery blog.

We really hope to use our 2nd floor even more with booked events for the day and maybe even the evening! Watch this space!

This year saw the launch of ‘Kibble on the Road’ taking our treats on tour! So far we have done the Skipton Christmas Markets and the Cliffs Castle Aireworth Dogs in Need walk. We are booked into the Yorkshire Food and Drink Festival and the Lancashire Country and Game Festival.

With special thanks to Jade for taking the time to answer our questions, and to everyone at Kibble Bakery for making our visit so deliciously enjoyable!

Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

What are you waiting for? Take your paws to Skipton and visit Kibble Bakery!

44 Sheep Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1HY

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