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EL5A Paws across Britain

Another year has flown by and Elsa is now 5 years old! As much as I enjoy celebrating her birthday, I'm starting to feel like I don't really want her to get any older now...

Fabulous five is a good age; she's grown from a headstrong puppy into a beautiful prima donna. She has us wrapped around her little paws and we wouldn't have it any other way. We've had such a hectic year so far so, instead of organising a big event, we decided to treat the girls to a special grooming session and then head out to explore somewhere new on Elsa's birthday in true Paws across Britain style!

Paws for a Pamper with Lisa Hart Grooming

Lisa Hart is an absolute rock star of a groomer! I've been a huge fan of hers for a few years now and particularly love to see her Asian style creations. Since we were celebrating Elsa's birthday with a unicorn vibe, I asked Lisa if she would do something a little bit special and the results were amazing! Lisa only works with natural products that don't contain any chemicals so this dye will wash out after 1 or 2 washes, but I actually think that Elsa's pink tail really suits her personality!

Buffy also had her very first puppy groom. (I honestly don't know how Lisa managed to get that top knot bow in single-handedly!) It was such a surprise to see her all bathed and brushed out like this, she's really starting to develop adult features now - where has my puppy gone!?

Thanks to Lisa for doing such an amazing job, and these pics of Elsa & Buffy!

Paws at petplace, Abergele

EL5A Paws across Britain Pet Place Abergele

EL5A Paws across Britain ORIJEN UK Ambassador Elsa


On the morning of Elsa's birthday we headed towards North Wales, hoping that the rain clouds might dissipate so that we could take Elsa and Buffy for a walk on Talacre beach. Sadly the rain just seemed to get worse the closer that we got so we decided to abandon this plan and continue on to petplace in Abergele instead.

This superstore has an amazing selection of products and services all under one roof including: our favourite pet food (ORIJEN of course!), toys and accessories, an enclosed indoor dog play area, dog friendly cafe and a very handy self-service dog wash on site!

More details about our visit to petplace will be published soon!


Buzzing around Snugbury's

EL5A Paws across Britain Snugbury's

On our way home the sun made a brief appearance so we took the opportunity to get some fresh air (and ice cream) at Snugbury's near Nantwich. It's been over 2 years since we last visited here with Elsa and the giant Peter Rabbit hay bale sculpture has recently bee-n replaced by a very magnificent creature that has to be seen to be bee-lieved! That wasn't the only new addition, there are also a few new items on the menu including Lavender and Honey ice cream which is made with local honey - delicious! 

EL5A's Unleashed Birthday Bash!

EL5A Paws across Britain Unleashed at Wrenbury Hall Woods

Unleashed at Wrenbury Hall Woods is one of Elsa's new favourite places so we couldn't think of anywhere better for her to let her fur down and enjoy herself to celebrate her birthday! She was joined by Buffy and other friends including Harry the Chug, Piglet, Gio and The Scoobies.

We arrived with two beautifully groomed Lhasa Apsos and left with one and a half mud monsters! Somehow Elsa managed to stay relatively clean, but Buffy had dived head-first into some mud and then spent most of her time running and rolling around with a gorgeous maltipoo puppy called Bear. All of them seemed like they were having the time of their lives so I guess it was all worth it, even if we did spend the rest of the afternoon bathing and grooming them, again!

EL5A Paws across Britain Unleashed at Wrenbury Hall Woods

Thanks again to everyone who came to celebrate Elsa's birthday today, for all the gifts and also to everyone that has sent her happy birthday wishes!

Happy 5th Birthday Elsa! 

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