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Dog Friendly Pumpkin Picking Woore Fruit Farm Paws across Britain

It's been a very wet Autumn and after further heavy downpours this week we'd pretty much given up all hopes of going pumpkin picking this year. Lhasa's and muddy fields don't really mix very well and, having just bathed both Elsa and Buffy after last week's frolics at Unleashed for Elsa's birthday, I wasn't keen on spending two weekends in a row washing and drying them again! I was also worried that we'd left it a bit too late to get any good pumpkins, but some friends still really wanted to go pumpkin picking so we decided to see what the fields were like at Woore Fruit Farm.

I wasn't 100% sure that this farm was dog friendly but I had seen pictures of dogs on their Facebook page. When we arrived the staff confirmed that dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a lead and any mess (poo!) is picked up.

There are two fields of pumpkins at the farm this year and we were surprised to find that they both still had quite a few good ones ready for picking when we visited. Because the fields are on slopes they weren't very muddy at all, considering the awfully wet weather that we've had recently. The sunshine had brought lots of people out but we never felt crowded.

Searching for the perfect pumpkin at Woore Fruit Farm with Elsa & Buffy was such fun! 

Pumpkins are heavier than they look but luckily our friends had grabbed a wheelbarrow which made getting them back to the shop a lot easier. Brushes and buckets of water are available so that you can clean any mud off the pumpkins (and to rinse the wheelbarrows before returning them). Prices vary depending on size of pumpkin but most of them cost just £3!

Dog Friendly Pumpkin Picking Woore Fruit Farm Paws across Britain

What are you waiting for? Take your paws pumpkin picking this Howl'o'ween at Woore Fruit Farm!

Newcastle Rd, Woore, Crewe CW3 9RE

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