Paws and Rewind 2019

2019 Best Nine Paws across Britain

As we hit Paws and Rewind on 2019, here are our 'Best Nine' Instagram photos from this year:

Paws across Britain Mow Cop

Paws at Mow Cop

Having a puppy in tow has meant that we haven't strayed too far from home in the latter part of 2019 but we've really enjoyed rediscovering lots of places with Buffy this year, including Mow Cop on the Cheshire–Staffordshire border.

Paws at Trentham Gardens

I'm really glad that this photo made it into our top nine because I took it at the Trentham Estate, one of the best dog friendly places that we've found in Britain, and we're lucky enough to live close enough to visit here regularly. Elsa has always loved exploring the gardens and visiting the many shops and eateries that welcome paws.

Paws across Britain Trentham
ORIJEN UK Ambassador Elsa Paws across Britain

Powered by ORIJEN

Elsa's appointment as ambassadog for ORIJEN continued in 2019 and we even had the pleasure of supporting them in person at Crufts back in March!

We're very pleased to report that Buffy is also thriving on the Puppy food and the freeze dried treats have been indispensable to her training.

Buffy joins the Paws across Britain Pack, June 2019

It may come as a surprise to find out that this time last year, we gave up on the idea of having another dog. After years of weighing up the pros and cons, we decided that we were happy enough with Elsa. Well, as the saying goes, 'what a difference a year makes'. Just a few months into 2019 we realised that we actually did have room in our hearts and our home for another set of paws!

Paws across Britain
Dog Friendly Dorset Paws across Britain

Paws at Durdle Door, Dorset

This has to be one of the most Instagrammable locations in Britain and one of my favourite pictures of Elsa. She seemed to blend in perfectly with the scenery. Lots of happy memories were made on this beach, watching the sunset with Elsa.

Paws at Downs Banks, Staffordshire

I was testing out a new lens that I got for Christmas when I took this photograph. Everyone has said such lovely things about this picture. I really love it too because it captures the essence of a moment that the girls were really enjoying. Needless to say, I am very happy with the lens!

Paws across Britain
Dog First Aid Paws across Britain

No Paws were injured for this photo

The girls didn't quite know what was happening, but earlier this year I attended a Pet First Aid course so I took this picture to share in a blog post about the experience. Bandaging paws takes practice and they sure did look sorry for themselves, so I'm glad that this photo captured attention to raise awareness about pet first aid.

Paws across Dorset

We only spent a few days in Dorset in Spring 2019 but we had such a wonderful, relaxing break with Elsa. We didn't know it at the time but this would be our last holiday together as a family of three. I'm so glad that we got to spend this quality time with Elsa, but I cannot wait to return to Dorset with Buffy in 2020!

Dog Friendly Dorset Paws across Britain
Kibble Bakery Dog Friendly Yorkshire Paws across Britain

Paws at Kibble Bakery, Skipton

This picture was a real challenge to take because there is a busy main road right behind Elsa. Safety always comes first so that's why you can see her lead in the shot. I'm pleased that this photo got a lot of attention because Kibble Bakery is not only an amazing dog cafe, but it's also set in a wonderful dog friendly town!

As 2019 draws to a close, I've really enjoyed looking back at our most popular Instagram posts from the past 12 months. It's been an incredible year and we cannot wait to see what 2020 brings.

We are so grateful for the support from our followers and would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2020! 

Unleashed at Wrenbury Hall Woods Paws across Britain

With love from Kelly, Elsa & Buffy | Paws across Britain


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