Crufts 2020

Crufts 2020 ORIJEN Paws across Britain

Elsa and Buffy were invited to Crufts on the Toy & Utility Group day to suppawt their favourite dog food brand, ORIJEN!

Crufts 2020 ORIJEN Paws across Britain

Although Buffy has already been to a couple of smaller events, Crufts is on another level… Fortunately she took the whole experience in her stride, with Elsa by her side to show her the ropes of being a good brand ambassadog! We were based on the ORIJEN stand and the girls were spoiled rotten with treats and happily posed for photographs in exchange for belly rubs.

Whether you prefer kibble or freeze-dried food, all of ORIJEN’s recipes are Biologically Appropriate™ and incorporate WholePrey™ principles which mirror a dog’s natural diet. Their clear labelling system shows you exactly what you are feeding your dog so you can be confident that they have the best possible diet – this is why Elsa & Buffy are powered by ORIJEN! 

The team are so friendly and helpful, we would recommend that anyone interested in learning more about the different types of ORIJEN go and have a chat with them at Crufts, Stand 52 in Hall 3 of the NEC.

Now I couldn’t publish a post about Crufts this year without addressing the elephant in the room…

For anyone wondering if it’s any quieter this year due to the Coronavirus – well, the answer is that Crufts is as busy as ever! There are hand sanitiser stations at the entrances and anyone visiting is advised to maintain good personal hygiene by washing hands frequently etc. I’ll admit that I was concerned about the impact the virus would have on this event, and also agonized over whether we should attend or not. At the end of the day the UK government and The Kennel Club allowed the event to take place and I figured that if I was going to continue going about my own life and work as usual then I’d have just as much chance of coming into contact with the virus on a train or in a supermarket. No one knows quite how the situation with the Coronavirus is going to pan out, but until large events and gatherings are cancelled or delayed, everyone has to make their own decision about whether or not to attend based on their own circumstances.

Click here to read The Kennel Club Statement on Coronavirus

Crufts 2020 ORIJEN Paws across Britain

We would like to thank ORIJEN for inviting Elsa & Buffy to join them at Crufts this year!

We managed to do a little bit of shopping before heading home – keep an eye on our Instagram stories to see our ‘Crufts Haul’.

Crufts 2020 ORIJEN Paws across Britain

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