Buffy’s First Birthday!

Buffy’s First Birthday!

This isn’t exactly what we’d planned to do today but, in these difficult times, it’s just nice to have a change from our monotonous routine to celebrate Buffy’s first birthday!

Sadly we have no presents for her, although what would we get the dog who has everything anyway?! On a positive note we do have all the time in the world and enough ingredients to make a little cake, so that will have to do! She certainly seems happy enough with this treat…

Buffy’s first year has been an absolute breeze. She came from a wonderful, experienced breeder who had already set the foundations for her house training and socialisation so we had no problems settling her into our home with Elsa, which was a huge relief!

She can be very cheeky and opportunistic at times; we have caught her slurping our tea more than once! She also enjoys eating grass and chewing the edge of Elsa’s wicker bed occasionally… but on the whole it is quite difficult to think of any other examples of her being naughty.

She’s always ready to have a good time and eager to learn, but can get very frustrated when she can’t figure something out quickly enough.

Buffy is very grateful for attention and extremely loving.

As Buffy has started to mature, her relationship with Elsa has really blossomed. Watching them interact and play together every day brings us so much joy.

Here’s to many happy adventures together!

Happy Buffday!

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