Buffy’s Asian Fusion Makeover with Lisa Hart Grooming

Lhasa Apso Grooming Asian Fusion Style Lisa Hart Paws across Britain

Life with two Lhasa Apsos involves a lot of grooming. Brushing, bathing and trimming them is an endless cycle, their fur grows like there is no tomorrow...

Lhasa Apso Grooming Asian Fusion Style Lisa Hart Paws across Britain

Over the years I have invested time and money into learning how to trim Elsa’s fur myself. I have to admit that I quite enjoy grooming Elsa, and I was fully prepared to do the same with Buffy. In fact, at one point I also had my heart set on growing Buffy’s coat out and showing her. I think that she may have had a chance in the puppy/ novice classes but that window of opportunity has sadly closed over the past few months. Plus, we never had any intention of letting her miss out on all the rough and tumble of just being a dog!

Once I’d abandoned all hopes of showing Buffy I started trimming her fur to a practical length in a style similar to Elsa’s. Even though they are the same breed they are actually quite different physically, Buffy is much more petite and her coat is straighter and finer than Elsa’s, so I didn’t feel like the same style suited them both… 

As a grooming enthusiast, I’ve been a fan of Asian fusion for quite a while and I could see that this style might suit Buffy so I decided that it might be fun to give it a go… and if it didn’t work then the fur would always grow back, right?

Although I’m pretty confident with grooming and maintaining Elsa’s style, there was no way I was going to attempt such a huge transformation to an Asian fusion style on Buffy myself! There is only one groomer that I would trust with this particular task - Lisa Hart, an expert professional groomer who is well known for her award-winning Asian fusion styling!

Lisa is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to her work, she takes her time and is very mindful about the comfort of the dogs that she works with, so I felt like Buffy was in safe hands. I was so excited to see her transformation, but also a little nervous about whether or not I’d actually like it in the end! My friends and family will all agree that I can be quite fussy about things like this, but I am genuinely over the moon with Buffy’s transformation… this style really does suit her!

Lhasa Apso Grooming Asian Fusion Style Lisa Hart Paws across Britain

Throw us a Bone Lisa Hart!

We chat to Lisa to find out more about the Asian fusion style and what inspires her:

Asian Fusion Style Grooming Lisa Hart Paws across Britain

What inspired you to start grooming in the Asian fusion style? 

When my Miniature Schnauzer Esme was a few years old I noticed traditional breed standard grooming didn’t really suit her, she had more of a drop coat with silky hair than the traditional corse coat of the breed, so I started looking for alternative trims. That’s when I came across a Korean Instagram account of a Schnauzer with long ears and a “donut” muzzle, I noticed it was tagged as “Asian Fusion” So I started doing a little research and found out it was the most popular style in Eastern countries. Asian fusion was first influenced by Manga style animation with big eyes and cute expressions. Described as making a dog appear whimsical and toy-like, combined with the short coat on the body to suit the local weather. I fell in love and decided to grow Esme’s ears over winter and I started taking her beard shorter. When spring arrived, one Sunday I set up my grooming equipment in my kitchen at home and with a few printed pictures I set out to do Esme’s first full Asian fusion groom! It took me around 5 hours but I instantly adored the style on her and I knew I'd found the groom that suited Esme’s personality. Little did I know then that it would become both Esme’s signature look and my breakthrough into grooming competitions and many placings which lead to me being the first UK groomer to be named “Asian fusion groomer of the year 2019” which is definitely my proudest achievement.

What do you enjoy most about this style of grooming? 

What I really love about Asian style grooming is the huge transformation a dog can go through in the process, like Buffy did from a traditional style groom to Asian. I think it makes the dogs look absolutely adorable but at the same time it can make older dogs look so much younger. It is also a more practical groom than some breed standard grooms, for example Schnauzer beards and full coats.

Asian Fusion Style Grooming Lisa Hart Paws across Britain

Which breeds are your favourite to groom in this style?

Definitely Schnauzers and Lhasa Apsos! I’m not just saying this because this post is about Buffy’s transformation, I love working with drop coats and they are by far my favorite in any style, not just Asian.

We couldn’t agree more Lisa!

Buffy's Asian Fusion Transformation by Lisa Hart Grooming

Many thanks to Lisa Hart for taking the time to chat with us, and for the additional photographs featured in this post.

Lisa has done a wonderful job with Buffy and I’m so very grateful to her! She is one of the few groomers who I would actually trust to groom Elsa and Buffy and it goes without saying that I’d highly recommend her services.

Lisa has 10 years of grooming experience and can style any size, shape or breed of dog to their own breed standard, so you don't have to opt for an extreme makeover like Buffy has had! Lisa will also accommodate special requests if you want something in particular for your dog. 

You can find Lisa Hart Grooming based at Astbury Pet Grooming, Glebe Farm, Peel Lane, Astbury, Cheshire CW12 4RQ


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  1. Steve
    11th August 2020 / 8:43 pm

    Great post, I love the look of Buffy, I hope to find someone in France near to me that could do Emma she would love it Iโ€™m sure ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Great job.

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