A Lick of Paint

Elsa and Buffy expanded their palate and brought a whole new meaning to 'a lick of paint' with this fun activity!

Lick Painting | Paws across Britain

Inspired by @lilbeantownben, this is a quick way to turn a simple treat into something a bit more creative. Now, before we get started I have to point out that the dogs didn't actually eat any of the paint or lick it directly!

Lick Painting | Paws across Britain

What we used:

  • Mini Canvases. These can be found in most hobby/ craft shops and were the perfect size for this. 
  • Some paint. We used acrylic paints because we happened to have these at home and they worked quite well.
  • Sandwich bags (with zip-locks to ensure that no paint escaped), eco-friendly of course! 
  • A tasty, lickable treat. We used cream and baby food but any lickable dog friendly treat would work.

We started by squeezing some paint on to the canvases then carefully placed them inside the sandwich bags, making sure that they were securely sealed so that none of the paint could ooze out, then we layered on some of the lickable treats.

It only took Elsa and Buffy a few moments to create their masterpieces...


Lick Painting | Paws across Britain

The trickiest part was taking the canvases back out of the sandwich bags without causing too much damage to the 'art'. Some of them didn't turn out exactly as I'd expected...perhaps the paint was a bit too thick, and I might have been a bit too generous with it on some of the canvases, but the girls absolutely loved their treats and it was a fun experience to share with them!

We'll definitely be making more of these lovely little keepsakes... I just know my Mum will be commissioning a few as soon as she sees this post too! 

Lick Painting | Paws across Britain

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