Paws across France with Barnaby

Pack member Barnaby has recently travelled to Tourtour in France!

Barnaby's owner Julie shares their continental adventures with Paws across Britain to encourage more owners to take their dogs away with them: 

"We are very lucky to have a house in Tourtour in the south of France, so every summer, and if possible Easter and Christmas, we take Barnaby across to France on the Eurotunnel. Fellow PAB member Kobee has written a great article on how exactly that all works, so do take a read. The great news is that it is actually very easy to travel in Europe with your pet!

It’s a long drive down to Tourtour but Barnaby is very good at travelling in the car. We make sure that we stop regularly to stretch our legs, have a drink and do any necessary business! We always stop for a night on the way down and the way back in a dog-friendly hotel to break up the journey. Pre-dog, we would do the journey in a day, but I must confess it’s much nicer stopping for the night in a great hotel with a lovely meal. We have made the journey five times so far with Barnaby and stayed at six different hotels: information about these are in our blog - 

It’s always lovely to arrive in Tourtour. It’s known as one of the most beautiful villages of France, and nicknamed ‘le village dans la ciel’. Ronald Searle (the famous cartoonist), loved it so much that he made it his home. Situated at 635 metres, Tourtour has fantastic views over a large part of Provence, and has the benefit, in the summer, of often being a few degrees cooler than the coast. If you head up to the church of St Denis you can enjoy these views from the viewpoint."

"The village itself dates back to the XIIth century with medieval houses, two old chateaux, and a lavoir, where the villagers would have done their washing. The XVIth century chateau houses the town hall, the post office and the tourist office. The other chateau, at the north end of the village, is known as the Chateau Vieux (old chateau) and houses an art gallery, but is otherwise closed to the public."

"The central village itself is beautifully cool and shady in summer with its art galleries, bars, restaurants, gift shops, tiny supermarket and Barnaby’s favourite, la boulangerie! The village also has a XVIIth-century olive-oil mill (moulin à huile) which is still used as a communal olive-oil mill during the winter season for locals. It’s worth a visit and it is open all year."

"From Tourtour, those people ‘in the know’ can find the old donkey track that takes you down to the village of Villecroze. It’s a thirty-minute rocky walk down (and back!), but the views are stunning. Here you can visit ‘les grottes’, a series of caves set into the rocks. You can play petanque in the square, go to a yoga class or just visit the bars and restaurants. Barnaby has a lovely vet here that we visit for his check up to come back into the UK!"

"In the summer you can take your dog to eat at any of the outside restaurants in the square. In fact, you’ll see lots of dogs! We always go at least once every holiday to one of our favourite restaurants, ‘La Table’. Dogs aren’t allowed inside in the winter, but in summer they move the tables onto the terrace so Barnaby comes along too!"

"From Tourtour you can visit other beautiful French villages and explore the Provencal markets. You can head to la lac de Sainte Croix du Verdon and enjoy water sports on the lake, go quad-biking in the lavender fields, or, a bit further afield, head to St Maxime and take the boat for an evening in St Tropez. The list of possibilities is endless!"

"The more dogs out and about having fun with their owners  the better!"- Julie and Barnaby

We would like to say a huge thank you to both Julie and Barnaby for sharing their adventures in Tourtour with Paws across Britain!

If you have a special dog friendly destination that you would like to share, or if you're interested in joining The Paws across Britain Pack please email us:

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  1. 21st January 2020 / 3:49 am

    I love Tourtour and used to visit Ronald and Monica Searle there ten years ago.

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