Adam and Theo are the resident pooches at The Carpenters Arms, Surrey

Meet Adam & Theo!

Adam and Theo are two little rescue dogs that now have a forever home as the new residents of The Carpenters Arms at Limpsfield Chart in Surrey.

"Adam is very timid and likes his own space, but when you're not looking he'll go back to acting like a little puppy. He's playful with toys and loves other dogs (wary of humans). His good pal Theo brings out the best in him,  like a bundle of joy.

Theo loves cuddles and attention and being in he hub of things." - Vicky, The Carpenters Arms, Surrey

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Instagram - @new.leashonlife @carpentersarmslimpsfield

Vicky from The Carpenters Arms tells us more:

"The Carpenters Arms is surrounded by National Trust walks so, not only do you get to enjoy the scenery on a big walk, you can also go somewhere super dog friendly for lunch or dinner!

All the staff love dogs so your little pooch gets all the affection they need. We provide dog blankets, water stations and doggie treats.

Best of all: Theo and Adam are the new additions to the pub, making it extra dog friendly!" - Vicky

Welcome to The Pack Adam & Theo!

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