Barnaby loves Battersea Park

Meet Barnaby!

"Barnaby is a London cockapoo who is very fond of people and other dogs (as long as they aren't too big or bark too loudly!). He loves to chase squirrels, but not balls (which he prefers to just carry in his mouth!). He has his own passport as he comes on holiday to France with us regularly.  We try to take Barnaby with us wherever we go, if possible. He’s easy and fun to have around and he always makes people smile!" - Julie, London

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Barnaby's Blog

Barnaby's favourite place in Britain is Battersea Park in London. 

Here's why: 

"Our favourite place combines two things in one - a great park and a great café! Most mornings, come rain or shine, we start the day with a walk in Battersea Park. London has lots of great parks, but I think Battersea Park is a bit special. We love the tranquillity of the Peace Pagoda, walking along the River Thames and saying hello to other dogs and their owners, of which there are many!

Last year we were very happy that a super dog-friendly café/restaurant opened called The Pear Tree café. It’s great to have a place to stop for a coffee or something to eat, justifying an even longer stay in the park! Whenever we walk past, Barnaby always pops his head in in the hope that we are stopping. He likes to settle under the table with his treat and watch all the comings and goings of the other people (and dogs!). It’s also open on some evenings and it has a cool new outdoor bar so we’re looking forward to trying that soon.

It’s worth mentioning that there is so much more going on at Battersea Park (and for canine free people too!): Mini-golf, Go Ape!, a children’s zoo, bike hire,... etc., so if you are looking for a great park to spend the day with your family and your four-legged friend do pay it a visit." - Julie

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