Bella is an Adventurer!

Meet Bella!

"Bella, Bell Bell, pudding cake or chugger nugger as she is affectionately known, is a two year old ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is fiercely loyal and follows my husband Paul as if she is his shadow. She is so loving and sweet although she can be impatient. She is shy around people and dogs that she doesn’t know but when she does knows you, she’ll be your friend. She loves playing with any toy she can find (if let alone she will try to chew/eat said toy), sleeping, barking and lots of walks, especially if it is at the beach. One thing that she may love more than us is food. Cavaliers are known to be greedy if given the chance so we have to remain immune to her beautiful big brown eyes begging for more.

I have wanted a dog for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t be happier with the life that we have with Bella. She has brought so much fun, adventure, love and happiness to our lives. We loving finding new places to enjoy with her." - Emma, Cheshire

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Here are some of Bella's favourite places in Britain:

Formby Beach, Formby

"This was the place where Bella first stepped onto sand and since then she has loved it. There are miles of coastline, undulating dunes and woods to explore. Bella loves to find a stick and play fetch up and down the beach. Formby is also home to red squirrels which gets Bella very excited but we make sure she is on her best behaviour. We always have a great day out at Formby. Bella has since explored quite a few beaches and her other favourites are: Cornwall (Holywell Bay, Watergate Bay, Porthtowan, Bedruthen Steps, Padstow and St Ives), Bournemouth (Old Harry’s Rock, Sandbanks). In 2018 we want to explore the Yorkshire coast." - Emma

Ilam Park and Dovedale, The Peak District

"We go here every few weeks in the spring/summer. It is a great place to go for a great circular walk. As soon as we reach the car park Bella is bouncing around and squealing to get out and start exploring. We normally park by the hall (National Trust) and walk across to the stepping stones and Thorpe Cloud (big hill). Normally I just climb Thorpe Cloud but Bella (on lead) and my husband came with me last time. I had been worried that it would be too much for her with the walk as well, turns out she has more energy than any of us as she was so excited and rushed ahead. We always have a good time here. It is a great day out and we always take a picnic but there is a cafe or food truck if you need anything." - Emma

Cheshire Oaks, Designer Outlet, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

"After having Bella I have a lot less time to go shopping as you are now more likely to find me in wellies in the countryside than in a shop. However, Cheshire Oaks is a great dog friendly place to go shopping. Bella is allowed in most of the shops (a few don’t) and all the sales assistants love her. There are lots of dog friendly restaurants that let you sit outside (best to do this in the summer)." - Emma

Other great places that Bella enjoys adventures are: Quarry Bank, Lyme Park, Dunham Massey, David Austin’s rose garden.

Great dog friendly places to eat: Sutton Hall (Sutton, Macclesfield), The Cakery (Newcastle), The Botanist (Knutsford), Stocks at the Pavillion (Congleton Park) and any Waterstone Cafe.

Welcome to The Pack Bella!

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