Bella loves Sale Water Park in Greater Manchester

Meet Bella!

"Bella is a Lhasa Apso, she's just turned 9. She is hilarious, such a sassy princess; she loves to get people's attention, but when they go to stroke her she turns her head like she's too precious for them!

She's such a loving dog. My mum passed away in 2015 and as silly as it may sound she was such a comfort to me and it's made me love her even more. I'm a dog groomer and spend hours on her coat, brushing her daily and bathing her weekly. She is my pride a joy." - Ellie, Manchester.
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Bella's favourite place is Sale Water Park in Greater Manchester!

Here's why: 

"We enjoy going on big walks at Sale Water Park. There is a little cafe there that dogs can go in. Bella loves running across the fields! She gets so excited on the way there! It's just a nice place to go. You can walk down along the river, or around the lake and there are loads of fields that dogs love to run across. There is also a pub down near the river that occasionally hosts small dog shows." - Ellie

Welcome to The Pack Bella!

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