Bella & Maya love Yorkshire

Meet Bella & Maya!

"Bella and Maya are Lhasa Apsos. They are sisters from the same litter, but their personalities are very different. Bella can be a little madam and is very vocal when she isn’t getting what she wants. She is very much a dreamer. Food isn’t very important to Bella....sitting gazing up at the moon is! (think she was a hare in a previous life!) Maya lives to eat and have cuddles with her daddy whenever she can. They have never been apart and all is peaceful in their world....until one has something the other wants! They will be 4 in June 2018." - Linda

Bella & Maya live with Linda and Graham in North Yorkshire

Bella & Maya love Yorkshire 

Here's why:

"The girls love to run around in the woods of Lotherton Hall, which is in it's own grounds. They also love going to Filmore and Union in Skipton, which is very welcoming to furry friends!" - Linda

Extra Info | We bumped into this lovely couple while on holiday in Cornwall in March 2018. It's always a treat to meet other Lhasa's, but especially wonderful to see them with long coats! Elsa looked like a giant compared to these petite little ladies. We swapped recommendations for our favourite dog friendly places and grooming tips before heading on our way, but did managed to get a good snap of the three girls together... 

Welcome to The Pack Bella & Maya!

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