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Meet Bertie!

"Bertie, as they say, “knows his own mind’, this doesn't however make him Mr Independent!! He will always keep an eye on where I am and mysteriously appear outside whichever room I’m in or have stealth crawled under my feet. He’s a clever boy, which comes with the breed, very easy to train but thinks he knows better.

He loves to make dog friends and human friends, and I’m sure he’d try to make friends with almost any other animal if he wasn't so scared when they were up close i.e. cats, rabbits, hedgehogs … frogs!

As a Corgi owner I get to enjoy the delights of the Corgi sploot, the derps and fraps, all of which never fail to put a smile on my face. Additionally, it is a a real delight how social you become when you have a happy and friendly pooch.

We are members of the UK Corgi Club, which is a non-league/fun group, we attend meet ups and share funny pictures or products between other Corgi enthusiasts. Many people approach us when out and about having their own stories of Corgis-past and many people never having seen one in the flesh so are amazed and overjoyed to pet him.

When I first got Bertie in 2014 I would search online for dog friendly places we could visit. I decided more recently to share our adventures, my enjoyment of food and Bertie’s enjoyment of being out and about and not missing out, because I know I would have been grateful to have found this information a few years ago.

I’m so pleased that pet culture has taken off in the way it has, it's so wonderful to fulfil their lives in repayment for they way they fulfil ours.

We are good friends of Marcel Le Corgi (Instagram @lecorgi) and would recommend checking out his blog for travel tips and London visits avec le chien! (" - Steph, Norfolk.

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Bertie loves exploring Norfolk!

"In Norfolk we are blessed with great variety. Bertie loves a trip to the beach, loves a trip to Norwich city to meet people, and really loves a trip to the woods; he’s just generally happy when he’s outdoors so we often spend whole days out. Bertie is smell obsessed and not many stationary vertical items get away without him leaving a message, I guess that's why the woods send his wiggly nose into overdrive!!!

One of our favourite places has to be Wells-next-the-Sea for everything and everywhere being pro-doggy and having a mix of woodland and vast sandy beach to sniff and meet dogs and picnic.

I’m very lucky to have a dog who travels well so we often pop off for trips further afield, we visit friends in London, have visited the beaches of Kent, popped over to Bath for a nosey, and have recently come back from Europe. Note: Bruges is very dog friendly! " - Steph

Welcome to The Pack Bertie!

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