Bonnie loves Pendine Sands Beach in Laugharne, South Wales

Meet Bonnie!

"Bonnie is a 1 year old pedigree Beagle. She has an endless amount of nicknames (Bon’s, BonBon, Baby, Princess).

Bonnie is a little diva at heart, she loves posing for the camera and her favourite hobbies include stealing anything she can get her paws on and visiting the land of nod at least once every hour. She loves to think she is the queen of the house (which we both know she is). She has a habit of standing on the table and looking down on all of the humans like she owns the place.

She is a bundle of energy and she loves nothing more than playing a game of fetch (good luck trying to get the ball back though). She's a real sweetie at heart and she loves snuggles on the sofa, one of her favourite past times is trying to lick you to death. 

Bonnie is the most loveable, loyal and beautiful companion I could ever ask for and she never fails to brighten up any day with her cheeky nature." - Kiki, North West

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Bonnie loves Pendine Sands in Laugharne, South Wales!

"Our all time favourite place to take Bonnie is the gorgeous Pendine Sands Beach that is dog friendly in Laugharne. Pendine Sands is a lovely beach where dogs can run freely off lead and they can also enjoy some quality time with their owners to relax in the local dog friendly pubs. We also love Laugharne in general as it is such a dog friendly place, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There is a cafe located right by the famous Dylan Thomas Writing Shed. The cafe The Owl and The Pussycat’ welcomes all dogs and is a must visit if you love quaint little cafes to enjoy a coffee or some cake with your four legged best friend. I highly recommend Laugharne as a place to visit with your dog as there are so many places that welcome all dogs, any size and any breed. It is a lovely place for a short break away where you can enjoy some quality time with your dog. The scenery is also just beautiful and it makes such a stunning walk for you and your little fur baby. Laugharne is such a beautiful little place with so much to offer, you won’t be disappointed." - Kiki

Welcome to The Pack Bonnie!

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