Bria loves Lytham St Annes

Meet Bria-Marielena!

"Bria-Marielena is a Dogs Trust rescue puppy, she’s a Border Collie x Retriever. I named her “Bria” as a tribute to my late father who was from Cumbria so when saying “Come Bria” during recall it actually sounds like “Cumbria”.

Bria has really developed into a confident youngster since visiting The Dog Barn in St Helens where supervised play sessions with mixed breeds take place. This has helped with socialisation and training. Bria loves playing fetch and collects balls, she bites her teddy’s ears off but still likes them for snuggling at night." - Bev

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Bria's favourite place is Lytham St Annes

Here's why:

"Lytham St Annes promotes the English seaside with a cosmopolitan theme which is very relaxing and dog friendly. Although it’s close to Blackpool there’s plenty to see in Lytham with its beach huts, beaches, sand dunes and of course the windmill. Dogs are made very welcome although during peak season dogs aren’t allowed on beaches, but this doesn’t fully exclude them. We love going there as it gives us all a chance to experience the laid back lifestyle and it encourages Bria to socialise whilst training on the beach. The sea air makes Bria a tired puppy on the journey home." - Bev

Welcome to The Pack Bria!

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