Daisy loves Astbury Mere in Cheshire

Meet Daisy!

"Daisy is a 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer who will be turning 5 next week [April 2018]! She is full of love but will only do things on her terms (a typical schnauzer characteristic so I believe!) She loves playing with other dogs & expresses everything through her eyes." - Saffron, Staffordshire

You can find Daisy on Instagram @thesecretlifeofschnozzas

Daisy's favourite place is Astbury Mere in Cheshire [this also happens to be one of Elsa's favourite places too!]

Here's why:

"This is our favourite spot. We only go on Sundays because this is the day that we all keep free for family time, so it's our “together place”. Daisy gets excited as soon as we drive into the entrance & will cry with excitement, she loves it that much. It is a lovely walk that can be made long and challenging through the woodland, or short on the flat path around the lake. Daisy’s favourite part of the walk is the dog-friendly beach area where she digs & goes for a little swim (float!). Although she likes to pretend, Daisy can’t swim! She only goes deep enough to let her bum float behind her with her two front paws still on the ground - it is pretty funny! Half way around the walk, there is a big grassy area where Daisy can have a good run around with other dogs. In the summer, we can take a picnic blanket and enjoy the view across the lake. There is also a dog-friendly cafe there for coffee & an ice cream. We just love it!" - Saffron

Welcome to The Pack Daisy!

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