Danny loves BrewDog in Birmingham

Meet Danny!

"Danny is a 12 year old Trailhound and 100% adventure dog! He loves being out and about and as he's a scent hound, his nose leads the way! Food is his favourite thing in the world, he'll do just about anything for a tasty snack.

He's a rescue dog and he can be quite nervous with people he doesn't know, but once you make friends with him, you'll have a buddy for life.

He enjoys long walks in the countryside and on the beach, sniffing out treats and exploring new places. He's slowing down a little in his old age, but is always up for a new adventure." - Emily, England

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Danny's favourite place is BrewDog in Birmingham

Here's why:

"All BrewDog bars are dog friendly and always give us water and the odd biscuit! Danny loves to visit there when we are in town, he loves to chill out on the sofas and people-watch out the window! They have a great selection of food and beer for the humans too! They even sometimes do doggy days where they offer a dog food menu and beer!" - Emily

Welcome to The Pack Danny!

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