Dobby loves Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire

Meet Dobby!

"Dobby is a Goldendoodle puppy born on 16th October 2017. He is very laid back most of the time but goes crackers when it's time to meet new people and dogs! He always wants to play and enjoys a good cuddle after a long walk. His favourite things are his antler, peanut butter and his toy snake which is now headless - whoops! He has 2 beds to choose from but prefers the sofa and the human bed. He loves stealing his human's seat on the sofa, which means they have to sit on the floor! He likes to sleep, a lot! He's great with travelling and will sleep on the journey. He has a sister called Sansa who lives with my in-laws whom he has play dates with and they get up to all kinds of mischief!" - Laura, Staffordshire

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Dobby's favourite place in Britain is Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire.

Here's why: 

"We went to Chesterfield, Derbyshire for the weekend, so we were searching for places to visit that were not too far from where we were staying and we ended up spending a lovely day visiting Hardwick Hall and gardens.
The journey was approx 20 mins away which was perfect for us and Dobby. There were some geese next to the car when we parked up and this was the first time Dobby has seen these birds and of course he wanted to play...Unfortunately they didn't feel the same way and hissed and ran off!
The park is free to enter and there are lots of places to walk around in the 2500 acres of land including different trails to follow depending on you and your dog's capabilities. Dobby is only 5 months old so we went for the shorter trail around the lake and alongside the fields. There were beautiful views along the lake and some steps where you can paddle through the water, although Dobby was not sure about this (water is a big scary to our puppy at the moment), we saw lots more birds and squirrels! There were also plenty of dogs and other puppies to play with along the way, in big open fields. 
We stopped at the stable where there is a shop and cafe. They have a lovely seating area outside where your dog can sit down and enjoy a rest with plenty of water bowls around. While we were there we met some children who asked if they could play with Dobby, so he showed them his tricks in return for treats of course!
There was a lot to do with all the walking and playing with both dogs and humans and plenty of sniffing around for Dobby! It was a great day out, highly recommended for dogs of all sizes and abilities." - Laura

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