Ella loves Dorset

Meet Ella!

"Ella is a 7 month old cockapoo currently going through her sassy teenage stage. We’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old and couldn’t imagine life without her. I try to take her everywhere with me as she’s very attached to me, luckily our office has a dog policy that means she can come into work. She loves everyone and wants them to be her friend (usually she wins). Can get through a pig ear in 15 minutes but still has all her soft toys perfectly intact and carries them round with her. Her favourite pastime at the moment is hiding under the bed in an under bed drawer. Hates bin bags, hoovers and hair dryers." - Laura, Croydon

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Ella loves Dorset! Here are a few of her favourite places:

Corfe Castle

"From the steam train to the model village and the castle, it’s all dog friendly! There are dog bowls along the roads and most shops and restaurants are open to dogs, staff will stop to pet your dog! There are lots of furry friends in Corfe Castle for dogs to meet too. Ella’s human daddy also loves steam trains so it's a win-win!" - Laura

Sandbanks Beach

"It’s a beautiful blue flag beach with a segregated dog beach all year round. Rick Stein’s restaurant is across the road and that allows dogs in at the bar area. Ella loves the sea and the beach. She’ll charge off into the water, roll in the sand then head off to make friends with other off-lead dogs at the beach. The beach car park includes a dog wash machine equipped with shower, shampoo and a hair dryer!" - Laura

Plantation Hotel

"From the moment we walked in the door we were made to feel so welcome, we had a lovely big room and bed (plenty of room for Ella to snuggle in). She got so much fuss and attention from the staff and we didn’t come across anyone that disliked dogs so she was in her element. There were water bowls throughout as well as a large garden, beach and park a short walk away." - Laura

Welcome to The Pack Ella!

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