Fraiser and Niles love Apedale Country Park

Meet Fraiser & Niles!

"Fraiser and Niles are two cheeky Jack Russells that love to dig up the garden, play in their paddling pool in summer, fetch tennis balls and eat lots of yummy treats from Hounds in Newcastle (where I get to work, so they’re super lucky!).

They are also a pair of TV addicts that love nothing more than watching their favourite programmes, Monkey Life and Planet Earth! We rescued them when they were six months old from Animal Lifeline and we’re so glad they have found a happy new home with us at last!" - Leah, Staffordshire

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Fraiser & Niles's favourite place is Apedale Country Park in Staffordshire. 

Here's why: 

"Fraiser and Niles just love to go for long walks around Apedale, which is just up the road from us. It was the first place we took them for a walk when we first rescued them, and ever since they have loved getting muddy in the woods and running through the long grass there. It is nice and big so they have lot of room to chase each other and play fight too!" - Leah

Welcome to The Pack Fraiser & Niles!

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