Freddie & Friends love Silverdale Country Park

Meet Freddie, Millie and Lilly!

Freddie is content in most situations, likes adventures and loves running either by himself or with other dogs

Millie is calm, kind and can go from 0 mph to 100 mph when she fancies it

Lilly is feisty, fun and very much spirited

They live with Michelle in Cheshire
You can find them on Facebook and Instagram  @freddieandfriends9

Their favourite place in Britain is Silverdale Country Park in Staffordshire.

Here's why:

"To be honest we could’ve written about a huge number of places but this place in particular is special to us as its so close to home so we go lots, it has loads of walks to do within it and we can always guarantee fun whatever the weather. We go there wind, rain or shine and tailor the walk to what we want from it. In the summer we take the high paths looking down on the amazing landscape but in the winter its often too windy to be up so high so we go a different but equally enjoyable route. Our particular favourite area is what we call the top field where you can see for miles in every direction and you hardly ever see another soul. This is where the dogs go crazy. They run and run and sometimes we all run together. I’m usually glad nobody else is there to see us all racing around together. We practice recalls, take loads of action pictures and just have fun. You’re mostly alone with your dogs in the countryside and I cant think of anything more perfect. When it starts getting towards darker nights we go there lots to take in as many evening walks before the darkness catches up with us. Its lovely seeing the sun setting from some of the higher points of the park." - Michelle

Welcome to The Pack Freddie & Friends!

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