Harry loves Grandad’s!

Meet Harry!

"Harry is crazy, daft & grumpy all rolled into one. Harry loves nothing more than a good scratchy time with daddy or a run in Grandad's field (all 6 acres of it). He's a little curly tailed, bundle of energy who has melted so many hearts and makes humans do stupid things, like giving Harry a voice." - Gemma & Gavin

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Harry's favourite place is his Grandad's house!

Here's why:

"Because he [Grandad] is the giver of treats. Harry cries on the way over in the car, he then runs up the stairs like he is missing something, then runs around the living room barking, howling and crying - also jumping all over various furniture, whether the hoomans are in the way or not. He spends most of his time either at Grandad's feet waiting for crumbies to fall or trying to lure Grandad to the old tracks across the road, where Harry loves to find various animal poops he can roll in." - Gemma & Gavin

Welcome to The Pack Harry! 


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