Jenson loves Aviemore in Scotland

Meet Jenson!

"Jenson is a French Bulldog/Old Tyme Bulldog cross who is 2 in June 2018. He is still puppy-like with moments of over-excitement: nibbling feet, shoes and shirt sleeves!

He is extremely loving and follows us everywhere - his favourite moments are when his two humans are with him. He is a rescue dog so still shows a little fear when strangers come past him from behind, and panics sometimes in busy crowded places. He loves to play with balls, sticks, cuddly toys, tug toys. He will play fetch and tug for hours. When we first had Jenson he was too scared to go for a walk but now he loves it and nags us if we are too slow in taking him out!

 He loves gravy bones but hates carrots, and adores gravy on anything (except carrots). When he is happy he makes little piglet grunting noises - so he makes these a lot when having a fuss or eating." - Joanne, West Midlands

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Jenson's favourite place is Aviemore in Scotland

Here's why:

"There are lots of lovely forest walks for him to run free on and dog friendly pubs, but it's early yet for us to find our real favourite places. Ben Macdui Inn in Aviemore welcomes dogs - usually before greeting their owners! They always have a fresh water bowl available and a handful of biscuits.  There are spaces between the tables for your dog to relax by your side and, as they are open from lunchtime, it's a good place to go when the heavens open! They don't mind you just dropping by for a drink even at meal times." - Joanne

Welcome to The Pack Jenson!

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