Leo loves Bickerton Hills and the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire

Meet Leo!

"Leo is a working Cocker Spaniel who has just turned 18 months old. He is a little ball of energy who brings fun and happiness to wherever his little paws take him. He is the number one culprit for missing socks and loves nothing better than getting his paws on empty toilet roll tubes to parade around the house with and shred! He is super friendly and is always looking out for that next opportunity of fuss or playtime. We regularly attend training classes with Leo to help channel his enthusiasm into positive outcomes rather than destructive ones (we may have had some casualties along the way though! Leo has completed his Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme to Gold level in obedience and we are currently attending  weekly trick classes. This summer we are taking on a new challenge and entering the world of Agility. Crufts here we come!

In our house, the dog never gets left behind and we are forever planning our next family adventures with a furry plus 1. So far, Leo has been lucky enough to explore; Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and the Lake District twice. For our next trip we plan on venturing overseas, for Leo to take on France by storm! He is certainly a well-travelled pooch!" - Hannah, Cheshire

You can find Leo and Hannah on Instagram @leo.the.cocker.lion and @hann_spann

Leo's favourite place is Bickerton Hills and the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire

Here's why:

"Every weekend we try and explore a new family walk together. However, we do have our regular favourites and Bickerton is certainly one of them.  You can make it as long or as short as you like, which makes it an ideal location for all dog breeds and walker's fitness levels. We tend to park free of charge just to the right of the Holy Trinity Church which  is a great starting point. From here you can clearly see the marked path ahead towards the trail.

The path gradually takes you up a small hill and branches off onto various routes for you to explore. The path which runs along the edge of the Hill provides great views overlooking the Cheshire countryside. If you continue to explore this route, you will come across a woodland area which will gradually take you back down the hill for an extended walk. However once you venture down, remember there's only one way back to the car, and that is back up!

It's a great walk for training your dogs off lead, as you can clearly see possible distractions coming ahead. Leo also loves to meander through all the little trails which run between the plant growth next to the main path. He comes back looking all proud of himself with half the bushes in his ears! Spaniel problems!

There is also a great dog friendly pub just around the corner called the Bickerton Poacher. They have a doggy water station and allow dogs inside in the allocated area." - Hannah

Welcome to The Pack Leo!

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