Logan loves Hatfield Forest, Essex

Meet Logan!

"Logan is a 4-year old Dalmatian. As with most Dalmatians, he needs a lot of exercise and loves to run around outside. He also loves people and likes to be involved in everything. Every day when I come home, he greets me with a smile!" - Leanne, Essex

You can find Logan on Instagram @spotsandstrides

Logan's favourite place is Hatfield Forest in Essex

Here's why:

"Hatfield Forest is a National Trust property. It is huge so you can easily find quieter areas to walk the dog. However, there is also a cafe, shop and toilets if you are having a break from walking. If you go early in the morning you are often fortunate enough to see the deer who live in the forest. Logan loves to explore the forest! He can be off the lead in most areas and enjoys following different scents. There are areas for a paddle as well as lots of open land where we can play with his ball." - Leanne

Welcome to The Pack Logan!

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